Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mass Market Messiah

He is:
The Hannah Montana of politics. A media produced phenomenon, all polished and pretty and ready to sell to thousands of adoring consumerist, television brainwashed fans.

The Happy meal toy used to lure you in... but all you end up getting is processed food.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact he has children's books out? Or that there is a 24/7 Obama TV station? Or that tonight during prime time, every channel had an Obama "special".

Does anyone else wonder what is funding such extravagances?

My father has been a Republican all of his life. Now he is a drunk. All he does is drink and watch TV. The TV has convinced him we need change. Now he is voting for Obama. I ask him "Dad? What is Obama going to change?" I get blank stares. He doesn't know.... he's just another victim of the media. It preys on people who can't think for themselves. There is a lot of them out there.

I know many Christians who are voting for Obama. Why? Because they don't like the way our country is right now. They are concerned about the economy. They blame George Bush. Yeah, because it's all his fault that we became a greedy over consuming nation. He forced us to take out loans we could not afford.... right? Sorry America... we can't blame Bush.... It's OUR fault.

Obama is NOT the Messiah. He will not save us. He's NOT going to fix the economy. Have you guys ever studied Marxism? Who wants to live with no aspirations? Marxism is only good for the lazy, or the ones on top. Socialism? How did that work out for the Soviet Union? I mean really. People are so worked up by all of this media hype, they can't even see what they are getting themselves into.

He has become our Golden Calf. our culture's Idol.

*a representation or symbol of an object of worship ; a false god
*an object of extreme devotion
*a false conception : fallacy

Do you remember God's response to their idol worship? Now leave me alone so my fierce anger can blaze against them, and I will destroy them... Exodus 32:10


I'm not even going to get into Obama's voting record (he's the most liberal voting record in senate). Won't even touch on his pro-abortion agenda. Won't talk about his anti-American church, or his attendance in Muslim school.

I will make this statement... if you are a Christian and vote for Obama, you ARE voting against Christian values.

Yes. A vote for Obama IS a vote for change. Just remember, things CAN change for the worse.


Emily said...

Girlfriend. You are SO back. :) Hope today is looking more cheery.

Andysbethy said...

That right there is a perfect example of why I started reading your blog, and why I will continue. Thank you for stating so clearly, but with style, EXACTLY what I feel also. Blessings!

Jen said...

I am the most bothered by the way the media has whipped people into a frothy frenzy over this! Oprah calls him "The One". Please.

If you are pro-choice and pro-big gov't, then by all means vote for Obama. But there are so many people who just buy his slick crap because he just seems so "nice."

Good post Karlie! I'm off to cling to my guns and religion. :-)

Gayle said...

There's my Karlie!

The thought that Obama might win terrifies me. I just can't understand someone who is a bible believing christian actually justifying a vote for him. His values do NOT line up with the Bible. To me it's black and white. I'm not too thrilled with McCain either but he's the only legitimate option between the two. I think people who are media saturated are just beleiving his hopefull hype and not actually doing any research themselves from unswayed sources.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am praying for all my American friends. The media is making me ill regarding the bias in your election. I agree with what you have to say here. A Xn friend and I were discussing Obama the other day, and I was saying how I did not want him to get in as he is so liberal. She said that it would be cool to have him as President as he was black and would represent change. I retorted that that sounded like reverse racism- he should be voted in just because he is black? Just because he says he will bring change? What kind of change, and at what cost??? Times are changing- it is time for all believers to get off their butts and make a stand. Today I was reading in revelations about how the dragon (Satan) was defeated. It said that those who fought against him and won did so because they did not love their lives more than having the courage to stand up to evil. It is time we all thought about that long and hard. Now you have got me all riled up. Good post Karlie! How is your day going, BTW?

EEEEMommy said...

This is me giving you a Standing Ovation! Excellent!

javamamma said...

Sooooo, why don't you tell us what you REALLY think? ;) Good stuff, Ms. Politics!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your comment about who is funding the Tv Channel, the TV special, blah blah blah. And how can Americans be so apathetic about past political relationships of a candidate for presidency? Doesn't anyone want to KNOW WHY, WHO,WHEN?

momanna98 said...


Becky said...

Preach it Sistuh!

That comic of Obama as the Pied Piper said it best. Disturbing, truly.

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader of your blog. I am following you via Blogger. I can't wait to read more. Have a great Sunday!

carrie said...

well said.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...


Love the very last sentence, especially.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Unfortunately, it's falling on deaf ears. You are right. You are SO right!!! But a good majority of the American population has been duped into thinking Obama is going help them. The honeymoon stage will wear off fast and we're gonna be left with a mess. All we can do is pray that God will impart mercy on the believers life when He passes judgment on this nation.

Unknown said...

Ooh!! Great post. Unfortunately America didn't listen to you. I can't believe that he got elected.