Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, I'm sure y'all could have guessed that "Conservachick" is not all that happy about the way the elections turned out. I wasn't surprised, but that didn't take the sting out of it.

I guess I'll fess us and admit I cried. Not as much because Obama won and McCain lost, but because of the Christians that voted for him.

Numerous Christian friends and family members hopped on the Obama band wagon, seeking.... Change? Comfort? Just going along with the crowd? I do not know. No one can give me a "real" answer.

What really bothers me about this is the state our church is in. If so many members of our body can so easily gloss over the fact this man stands AGAINST God, against scripture and Christian values and still vote for him, what a sad state we are in.

The guy is charismatic and polished and makes big promises he can't back up. If Obama can so easily deceive so many of our own, how are we going to fare when the Antichrist comes? NO, I am not in anyway implying that Obama is the Antichrist, but I think there are some very good lessons (and warnings) about deception here.

The Bible says:

'for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many' Matthew 24:5

'Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.’ Matthew 7:15

This scares me. People that I love are turning away from God in favor of "false prophets". Where is the church headed?


Kary said...

I agree, and I'll admit it. . . I cried also and for the same reason. I felt like I was dealing with betrayal. My friends and family that would call themselves Christians were more on fire for Barack then they ever have been for their TRUE Savior~ claiming that we finally have hope for our country. It makes me sad.
I know you are not claiming that he is the Antichrist, but did you hear that the IL state lottery numbers for yesterday (11-5) were 6-6-6? At the very least it's a bizarro coincidence.

Emily said...

I didn't cry, but I yelled quite loudly in my kitchen. I stomped around and said, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY????" Jim flipped out that McCain conceded early. He said that was a mistake.

Do you know how many blogs I read who voted for him? I was so disheartened. Truly, I just think that they are uninformed, rather than deceived. I have to believe that. The media glossed over things (AYERS?????) and unless you had a discerning mind who went OUTSIDE of the mainstream was hard to get any negative coverage of him.

ANY human being who doesn't shut down talks of him being 'a messiah'...any human being who doesn't repeatedly say, "That's ABHORRENT" is scary to me.

The conceit of that.

So, Jim's entire family voted liberal. 1/2 of mine did.
But my kids? They're following a new path. Sarah declared herself in mourning and Nathan tiptoed around me for a day.

Emily said...

One blog was talking about checks and balances Karlie. That one man won't have all the power.

See what I mean? The mainstream media doesn't teach any depth of knowledge.

With a majority in the House AND the senate and a Democrat in the White House, there's nothing to fear?

carrie said...

I don't the same time that he was elected many states also shut down gay marriage. God hasn't fallen off His Throne just because there's a liberal in office and I for one am thankful of that. It'll work out, I don't know how or why but it will.

EEEEMommy said...

That's the same distress I feel. God is in control regardless of who is in the White House, but His Church is sorely lacking in discernment and not grounded in the Truth. That's a huge problem!

Would you believe I actually turned the tv off at 10pm? That's unheard of. I still haven't listened to either of their speeches....

candi said...

Check out this link. I am curious what you think. I haven't a conclusion yet.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I too was wondering how many checks and balancest there will actually be after I read that somewhere- my understanding is that they are in power in all areas of gov't . Not usually a good thing. I have been thinking about you as I know how passionate you felt about this election. I was disappointed even. What causes us Christians concern up here in Canada is how most in our country are thrilled- the media showed world wide celebration and touted Obama as the Messiah. I have been reading revelations and I cannot help but think that it will not be hard for the Antichrist to gain power in this day and age. (I'm not saying Obama is the AntiChrist either, but it is scary to see how the whole world was involved in the election).

Latte said...

yeppers very scary! I think as things get bad that core conservative Christians will come together and we will bring this country might get really bad before it gets better...but I see the light at the end of this long Dictatorship tunnel.


Pam said...

I agree totally! Just sad to me how many ppl who claim His name voted for O. I'm just stunned every time I think about it.

javamamma said...

...where is the church headed?....

Into her finest hour, if she chooses. I make the choice!

Martha said...

Right on! You're one smart chick!!!