Monday, July 30, 2007

Housewife Angst

Have you ever had one of those days... or weeks where you just couldn't get motivated to clean? I keep finding "better things to do" like blogging or reading, or talking on the phone (which I am quite good at... ask Nsremom, she'll vouch for my long winded conversations).
Day one of procrastination wasn't that big of a deal. Day three I could start to see the laundry pile up..... day six, well... I'm praying that we don't get any unexpected visitors, if ya know what I mean.
Besides cleaning the kitchen, clearing the toys out of the living room, and sporadic bed making, I've done nothing. No laundry, no dusting, no kid room declutter. NOTHING!
Now that the task is so daunting, I find my motivation lacking. I'm actually thinking of changing my ways from "semi tidy" housewife, to all and out slob. Maybe I'll start watching Days of Our Lives, and pork up on Bon Bons. Oh but the little voice inside my head says "you WANT to bless you family with a clean house and warm meals, and you don't even like Bon Bons, and ever since I turned 16 (yeah pre Bo and Hope days), the show has really lost it's appeal! "
I'd really like a maid, but hey, it's not going to happen. I NEED motivational tips! I haven't been in a cleaning rut like this since my last baby was born. As most of you know, cleaning house doesn't bring a lot of recognition. I don't often hear, "wow honey, that toilet sparkles" or "gee golly, look how dust free the china hutch is!" or "hey mom, thanks for removing all the McDonald's toys from my toy box." Nope. I guess I'm feeling a bit under appreciated.
Well, I'm off to go stare at the laundry. Maybe I'll get some divine motivation and actually start a load.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Considering More

I don't know what's up with me right now, but I have suddenly developed a desire for another baby. Everywhere I look I see babies. I slow down in the diaper isle, read baby advertisements with new interest, I even have been dreaming about them!
5 years ago, we had our 4th child, and at 26 years old, we decided we "should" be done. SO my dear husband went off to "get fixed". Now at 30 I find myself suggesting to him that maybe he should get "unfixed". I think he'd be OK having more children, but the idea of getting "unfixed" doesn't appeal to him.. I wonder why????
I don't want to nag him.... but.... I want another baby SO bad!!!! He has fessed up to wanting more, but he sees an unguaranteed costly reversal operation as money unwisely spent. Ugh, frugal husbands... Yeah, can we get some divine intervention here? I'm praying he has a change of heart, but I'm not crossing my fingers. Maybe it's just a phase, and it will soon pass, but if not? Will I dream babies until I'm 50?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Boy Kicks Butt... And I'm Proud

Today at the pool my 7 year old son got in a fight with an older boy. He shoved him a few times, then splashed him with water, then got out and told me he was ready to go home. The boy ran off ... but didn't tell his mother.

I was quite concerned and asked my son what was going on. He said " I just can't tell you mom, please don't make me." As the red sirens are going off in my head, I threatened BIG punishment if he didn't tell me why he just freaked out on the boy. His reply "I don't think you should hear this kind of thing mom, but I'll tell you if you don't get mad at me for saying it." I gave him my "you can always tell me anything" speech, and this is what he said. "Mom, that boy said he wanted to get _______ (an older girl in the pool, and a family friend) naked in his room, and it just made me so mad that he said that!"

This is where I hugged my son and told him I was proud of him for being a young man of integrity. I don't care what everyone else thinks, I'm GLAD my son kicked butt! I am proud that that kind of comment roused my normally easy going, non aggressive boy into righteous anger! Today.... my son was a hero. We need more people who are not willing to turn a blind eye to the "yuck" in our society, but to fight against it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tough Kid Questions

OK. I need your help. My oldest daughter is at the point where she is making her "faith" her own. No longer is God the God of her parents, he is becoming real for HER. This is wonderful on most levels, but it has it's fair share of difficult moments. It's hard to watch her wrestle with the same things that I did when I chose to "really" follow God. Many questions are arising and we have been doing a LOT of talking. Most questions are pretty typical (if God is real, why do bad things happen to Christian's, etc). I like apologetics, so I can handle most of what she asks, but she stumped me today. SO, any of you that have an answer (especially you pastor's wives) HELP!
Here it is:
"If heaven is perfect, and there is no pain and suffering, how did the angels fall?"
Thanks! ~Karlie

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Days

Well, I didn't mean to take a blogging break, but I guess I kind of did. We've been SO busy with summer activities and travels that I don't seem to have time to get on the computer these days. Next week should be a bit slower, so I plan on carving out a time to read all my friends blogs, and see what I've been missing!!! Talk to you all SOON! ~Karlie

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet My Family

I know I'm not too great about posting pictures. Anyway, I finally decided to clean the photos off my digital camera (I had 568 on there) and I thought I'd post a few random photos of the family.

My personal favorite of my husband! He's such a goof ball! And YES, we DO trick or treat. The next picture is of my kids creating a fairy castle. No, the boys were not fairies. They started out a knights, protecting the fortress, but gradually became angry barbarian destroyers!

My 11 year old dd after her Spring ballet recital, and again at the beach last Fall. She is passionate about ballet and will be starting in toe shoes this winter. She is also in hip hop dance and drama. She is happiest when the center of attention. This year she had taken to horseback riding and is raising rabbits for 4-H. She reads nonstop and goes through about 4 novels a week. Her favorites are historical fiction. She likes spending time with friends and has recently discovered the phone (ugh). She's a girly girl like her momma, but a daddy's girl at heart. She is into the Barlow Girls and Jump Five and has choreographed dances to many of their songs.

My daughter took this... I thought it was kind of cool and "artsy", plus it's a rare no make up photo of yours truly. Next is me taking pictures of well, me. Actually I was going to e-mail my hubby pictures of paint I was trying out in the mudroom (see behind me). The kids had a different idea... Consequently, the mudroom is now white.

My lovely 9 year old dd before her winter ballet recital. She likes ballet, but gymnastics is her sport. She just joined team, and will be competing at level 4 next fall. She is my hummus and pita eating, organic girl. She looks like a little hippie, but is absolutely a hard core Republican. The kids sports Republican buttons on her back pack, and is always willing to get in a good debate with a Democrap (her word, not mine) . She's a straight A, over achiever. She is very driven in everything she does. She spends her "free time" with her best friend rocking out to Christian music. Her favorite is Superchick.

My 7 year old son. He's always been the coolest in the family! He loves beat boxing and practices anywhere he has an audience. Here he is beat boxing his way through happy birthday. His friends were quite amused! He's a Toby Mac fan, and likes to "break dance". He loves sports, which is interesting since neither my husband or I do. He got a basketball court for his birthday (lucky boy) and spends much of his time shooting hoops. He plans on playing football in college, but if you ask him what he wants to do after that, he claims either a pastor or a lazy bum like his Uncle Lukey.

This is my youngest. My 5 year old little ball of energy. He climbs trees, dresses up in "super hero" costumes, builds AMAZING things out of Legos, and breaks stuff. He LOVES fishing and getting dirty. Oh, and he crawls into our bed every night after my husband and I fall asleep... sneaky boy. He also says I'm beautiful if I make him pancakes, but if he gets eggs he says "fine, then your not beautiful anymore". The way to this boys heart is definitely through his stomach! He wants to drive a train when he grows up, and he claims he is not going college because he is concerned that he might not be ready to sleep in his own bed yet. Oh, and his favorite movie is Nacho Libre.

My husband. Fisherman, farmer, banker, disco king... he's got it all! He is an awesome provider, keeps me laughing, and plays with Lego's and action figures! He IS the BEST dad is the world to our kids. and the BEST husband! He's super frugal, but forgives my weakness for the Gap! He loves my cooking, pretends to listen to me, and gives the best back rubs in the world. Oh and he's a hottie! He also mops the floor and makes breakfast on weekends. The boy has some serious brownie points racked up, if you know what I mean (;

The rest of the family... Our big fat 11 year old cat Samson. My mocha drinking dog Ottis, and 2 week old Milo. His momma (who refuses to let me take her picture) just had 9 kittens and we are keeping him! Last we have the kids with my parents and my brother, Uncle Lukey (who is currently living in my parents basement).

Last but not least my home. First is a picture of my garden, a second, a distant view of our home, and barn.
Whew, this should meet my picture quota for awhile! I hope y'all enjoyed meeting the family!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Calming Down...

Well, I erased a post. I was all in a fit about something, shot off my mouth (like that's something new), calmed down enough to hear from the Holy Spirit, and BAM. Conviction. It's amazing how our rational changes when we are angry, or hurt, or scared. It's easier to lash out than love. Sometimes, when you are so close to a situation, it's hard to see the big picture. So glad God is still working on my heart!