Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet My Family

I know I'm not too great about posting pictures. Anyway, I finally decided to clean the photos off my digital camera (I had 568 on there) and I thought I'd post a few random photos of the family.

My personal favorite of my husband! He's such a goof ball! And YES, we DO trick or treat. The next picture is of my kids creating a fairy castle. No, the boys were not fairies. They started out a knights, protecting the fortress, but gradually became angry barbarian destroyers!

My 11 year old dd after her Spring ballet recital, and again at the beach last Fall. She is passionate about ballet and will be starting in toe shoes this winter. She is also in hip hop dance and drama. She is happiest when the center of attention. This year she had taken to horseback riding and is raising rabbits for 4-H. She reads nonstop and goes through about 4 novels a week. Her favorites are historical fiction. She likes spending time with friends and has recently discovered the phone (ugh). She's a girly girl like her momma, but a daddy's girl at heart. She is into the Barlow Girls and Jump Five and has choreographed dances to many of their songs.

My daughter took this... I thought it was kind of cool and "artsy", plus it's a rare no make up photo of yours truly. Next is me taking pictures of well, me. Actually I was going to e-mail my hubby pictures of paint I was trying out in the mudroom (see behind me). The kids had a different idea... Consequently, the mudroom is now white.

My lovely 9 year old dd before her winter ballet recital. She likes ballet, but gymnastics is her sport. She just joined team, and will be competing at level 4 next fall. She is my hummus and pita eating, organic girl. She looks like a little hippie, but is absolutely a hard core Republican. The kids sports Republican buttons on her back pack, and is always willing to get in a good debate with a Democrap (her word, not mine) . She's a straight A, over achiever. She is very driven in everything she does. She spends her "free time" with her best friend rocking out to Christian music. Her favorite is Superchick.

My 7 year old son. He's always been the coolest in the family! He loves beat boxing and practices anywhere he has an audience. Here he is beat boxing his way through happy birthday. His friends were quite amused! He's a Toby Mac fan, and likes to "break dance". He loves sports, which is interesting since neither my husband or I do. He got a basketball court for his birthday (lucky boy) and spends much of his time shooting hoops. He plans on playing football in college, but if you ask him what he wants to do after that, he claims either a pastor or a lazy bum like his Uncle Lukey.

This is my youngest. My 5 year old little ball of energy. He climbs trees, dresses up in "super hero" costumes, builds AMAZING things out of Legos, and breaks stuff. He LOVES fishing and getting dirty. Oh, and he crawls into our bed every night after my husband and I fall asleep... sneaky boy. He also says I'm beautiful if I make him pancakes, but if he gets eggs he says "fine, then your not beautiful anymore". The way to this boys heart is definitely through his stomach! He wants to drive a train when he grows up, and he claims he is not going college because he is concerned that he might not be ready to sleep in his own bed yet. Oh, and his favorite movie is Nacho Libre.

My husband. Fisherman, farmer, banker, disco king... he's got it all! He is an awesome provider, keeps me laughing, and plays with Lego's and action figures! He IS the BEST dad is the world to our kids. and the BEST husband! He's super frugal, but forgives my weakness for the Gap! He loves my cooking, pretends to listen to me, and gives the best back rubs in the world. Oh and he's a hottie! He also mops the floor and makes breakfast on weekends. The boy has some serious brownie points racked up, if you know what I mean (;

The rest of the family... Our big fat 11 year old cat Samson. My mocha drinking dog Ottis, and 2 week old Milo. His momma (who refuses to let me take her picture) just had 9 kittens and we are keeping him! Last we have the kids with my parents and my brother, Uncle Lukey (who is currently living in my parents basement).

Last but not least my home. First is a picture of my garden, a second, a distant view of our home, and barn.
Whew, this should meet my picture quota for awhile! I hope y'all enjoyed meeting the family!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures. What a beautiful place to raise a family. I am praying someday God will give me a farm. If not here, maybe in heaven;) Your kids sound and look so sweet!
SeekingJesus @ hsb

javamamma said...

My goodness, you have an amazing family! Your daughters have the same beautiful smile as you!

marykathryn said...

Oh I loved meeting your family..Gorgeous by the way!!! Loved that you described each person and gave us a little bit insight as to who they are..So fun to see how families love and adore each other..
Loved that the boys started out "protecting" the fort and then became destroyers..such a boy thing to do..LOL

Dan said...

My first time visiting. I don't know how I got here. Maybe I made the wrong turn after Home Depot?

Great photos! Great family. And yes, your husband is a goof, but that's wonderful! Too many folks take life too seriously!

Chelle said...

I LOVED this post. Thanks for sharing the pics of your gorgeous family.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Yay! I love to look at pictures :)
Thanks for posting...what a sweet family!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I loved the pics too. Your children are beautiful. Your 11 year old daughter and mine sound like twins seperated at birth! It could have been my girl's write up. Great descriptions of everyone.

You look like you live a beautiful spot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful family. You and your husband have been blessed with a full quiver of little arrows to do the Lord's work. Psalm 127:3-5

I think my favorite would be the little one covered in mud from the neck down. He certainly likes to get dirty.

Keep up the fine work of raising those children to love the Lord our God with all their heart, mind, and spirit.

Please send my encouragement to your husband has well. Based upon your comments of him, he seems to be doing a fine job of loving his wife as Christ loved the church. Ephesians 5:25

God Bless,

Gayle said...

Ok....that's you without makeup? That is so not fair!!!! You gorgeous woman, you. No wonder the boys at your kids school think you're a hot mama!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

YOU are gorgeous. Like drop-dead gorgeous. No make up? Sick.
Your daughters are gorgeous.
Your husband will need to buy some serious weapons to keep boys away!!
Loved getting to "know" your kids better! I'll be re-reading this again. :)

Emily said...

I love the photos! Your youngest was just a little guy when I last saw him. He's so cute! (as are all of them) I like the rundown of kids and their interests. I should do that. It's hard saying B*** and R*** and middle kid and stuff...It's easier to make stories makes sense in your head.

Melissa Stover said...

loved meeting your family!! those were some great pictures. loved the one of your daughter in the snow. she looks like a princess.

Kimmie said...

thsnks for the walk-through with your family. YOur descriptions were are a blessed woman for sure.

Love your homestead...and the white mudroom looks great (if that is where the boys are sitting together?)

Hope all is well in your end of the world!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! Thanks for sharing! You have a great family!


Anonymous said...

I loved the phototour! The garden picture and background is beautiful - nothing for miles.