Monday, July 30, 2007

Housewife Angst

Have you ever had one of those days... or weeks where you just couldn't get motivated to clean? I keep finding "better things to do" like blogging or reading, or talking on the phone (which I am quite good at... ask Nsremom, she'll vouch for my long winded conversations).
Day one of procrastination wasn't that big of a deal. Day three I could start to see the laundry pile up..... day six, well... I'm praying that we don't get any unexpected visitors, if ya know what I mean.
Besides cleaning the kitchen, clearing the toys out of the living room, and sporadic bed making, I've done nothing. No laundry, no dusting, no kid room declutter. NOTHING!
Now that the task is so daunting, I find my motivation lacking. I'm actually thinking of changing my ways from "semi tidy" housewife, to all and out slob. Maybe I'll start watching Days of Our Lives, and pork up on Bon Bons. Oh but the little voice inside my head says "you WANT to bless you family with a clean house and warm meals, and you don't even like Bon Bons, and ever since I turned 16 (yeah pre Bo and Hope days), the show has really lost it's appeal! "
I'd really like a maid, but hey, it's not going to happen. I NEED motivational tips! I haven't been in a cleaning rut like this since my last baby was born. As most of you know, cleaning house doesn't bring a lot of recognition. I don't often hear, "wow honey, that toilet sparkles" or "gee golly, look how dust free the china hutch is!" or "hey mom, thanks for removing all the McDonald's toys from my toy box." Nope. I guess I'm feeling a bit under appreciated.
Well, I'm off to go stare at the laundry. Maybe I'll get some divine motivation and actually start a load.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I can so relate. Right now my house is fairly clean as the house guests that were here for 2 weeks insisted on showing their gratitude by cleaning and organizing where needed. It was awesome!!! Now it is back to reality. I say to phone up 3 friends and do a weekly cleaning party - take turns at each other's houses- I just finished doing that with friends and plan to do it again in the fall. You clean and visit for a couple of hours and get a lot done!

javamamma said...

So, have you made a decision what to do with your kiddos this upcoming school year? I'm just askin' cuz, I think motivation could come when there's not constant messes being made all day. Oh, maybe I'm talking to myself. :o) (and yes I do plan on doing my 'spring' cleaning this fall after the kiddos are back in school)

Anonymous said...

I think every housewife has weeks like that! A good motivator though is to invite company, someone you know you wouldn't want to see your house in it's current state. Maybe not for tomorrow but for say next weekend... Or live it up, until you need clean underwear go on laundry strike!

Emily said...

I don't like showing people my a previous post of mine has alluded halfmoon girls suggestion wouldn't work for me....BUT she brilliantly brought me to another point...

invite people over. It does the trick every time.

Sorry I'm like, oh, 7 hours away, or else I'd up and invite myself. :)

I would surely remark on your sparkly toilet....for some reason that pleases me.

ConservaChick said...

Hey halfmoon girl, wanna come do my laundry? You even can bring three friends. You can all fold while I make lunch... microwaved corn dogs! (-:

We did just decide officially last week, but I will post on that later (next post probably). Let's just say when I prayed about it, I did let God know that a cleaner house and more sex were definite " put the kids back in school" pros. What do you think God thinks of my pros and cons lists? Like it's going to sway his will or something! HA!

Yeah, or I could just buy more underwear when we run out! LOL!

Oh PLEASE come see my sparkly toilet... oh wait, that was last week... you may not want to check it out right now... oh I so need to go clean my house!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. If I take a couple of days and don't clean it gets bad FAST. Mr. Muscles rarely ever notices. Every once in a while I sit in his lap, get in his face and ask him if appreciates me and my work. he always says yes and he especially appreciates when I change the diapers. LOL As far as clutter goes good friend has issued a square foot challenge and it has really helped me. Take a quick trip to my blog- I just posted about it. Now for the cleaning need. I have just been picking a room a day and cleaning it. I got really backed up on cleaning last week. It was a busy week and I was so tired I just saying tomorrow...........
I did get a little gumption yesterday though- when our realtor called to say he had someone who wanted to look at the house. It was a mad dash but at least the house looked decent.

Chelle said...

I LOVED this post, because I am living this post. My house is...well, embarassing is the only word that really describes it. I was a Days of our Lives addict in high school but haven't really watched it since. these days it's Harry Potter calling my name...and the beach...and coffee and a carob chip cookie...anything but Mr. Clean.

Wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I don't. I will however, be checking in to see what everyone else has to say. :-)

EE said...

Yep...I've been in a cleaning rut for the past year. I think my family is about to fire me:o
I love your adding it to my list right now.