Monday, September 29, 2008

If 6 Year Olds Could Vote...

Today as I picked my kids up from school, I had my 6 year old son's teacher stop me and ask if we could talk. Knowing my son, I knew it was going to be some sort of misbehaving. Not that he is a bad kid... he's not. He's just more intelligent than most adults, opinionated, hyper, and a little ladies man (he seems to think he needs to find his wife before 2ND grade).

As she pulls me aside, she begins to tell me that she was telling the kids the names of the men running for president. Oh... now it clicks. My son is a hard core.. uhumm, let me rephrase that a HARD CORE Republican. I know this may seem odd for a 6 year old, but the boy was just born with it. So, I figure he's given his vote for McCain speech (that he shares quite freely every time he has the chance). I look at the teacher and say, "oh yeah, my son is pretty opinionated about his politics". The teacher looks at me sideways and proceeds to tell me that when she mentioned Obama's name my son loudly exclaimed "I'm not voting for him, he's a baby killer." My jaw dropped.

OK, I'm the first to admit that we are not big Obama fans here in the conservachick household, BUT we don't sit at the dinner table calling him a BABY KILLER. We have explained that Obama believes it's OK for Mommies to kill the babies in their tummies. We explained that some people don't think that babies are people until they are born, but that we think they are ALWAYS people. (Kids tend to agree with that).

His teacher then went on to say that he rallied the entire 1st grade class around him and told them to all raise their hands if they were going to vote for McCain, and to save the babies from Obama. The teacher said they ALL raised their hands.

She then said that she has had several angry parents call because their children are now Republicans.

Now, I must admit, I felt sorry for my son's teacher. She is sweet and kind, and certainly does not deserve the backlash from my son's comments. so I told her that I would take full responsibility for my son's little political rally, and help her with any damage control. However, let me state loud and clear, I am PROUD of my son! VERY PROUD.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vegetarian Oat Patties

I'm always a sucker for Gayle's Frugal Recipe Swap. While I eat a little poultry now and then, I've spent most of my life as a vegetarian, and this recipe is one of my favorites! It is seriously delicious... even meat eaters devour it! Even though it has 5 eggs, I still consider it a frugal recipe because it feeds my family of 6 for TWO nights. I serve it with homemade gravy (or store bought mushroom gravy in a pinch) and a salad.

Vegetarian Oat Patties

2 C cottage cheese
2 C bread crumbs
2 C quick oats
2 onions, chopped fine
5 eggs
1/2 can evaporated milk
1/2 tsp sage
1/2 tsp soy sauce
salt to taste

Mix all ingredients. Roll into meatball size balls and slightly flatten. Pan fry in a small amount of oil until light brown. Serve with gravy. YES.... It is THAT easy!

Friday, September 26, 2008

UGH... 10 Reasons I'm About To Lose It

It's been just one of those weeks. The kind where you want to crawl into bed and cry, and maybe stay in there for a MONTH! You know.... I 'm a believer in "enemy attacks", and let me tell you, I feel like I'm going down! Seriously, if one more ounce of stress is placed on me, I'm gonna crack.

Now here is where I start whining. Since I never write on this blog anymore, I probably don't have any readers, so I guess I'm safe to unload without any "sorry I'm so bitchy" disclaimers.

1. One of my kids got lice. YUCK. I have never had to deal with this before, but the school has had a huge problem with it this year. Well, my kiddo admits to sharing a hat with a friend, and a week later I'm still boiling brushes, washing sheets, combing hair, and gagging. Yes, I might have not mentioned I have a very weak stomach when it comes to bugs. The entire time I'm combing out the eggs (blughughgh) I'm making gagging noises. My kiddo started crying "mom, your freaking me out" Oh it is quite the ordeal.

2. The stress of not knowing what is going on with my husbands job is overwhelming. Daily we vacillate from thinking that everything is going to be OK, to oh crap... we are going to have to move into my parents basement. It's not like there is a ton of high paying financial jobs around here, so might we have a move in the near future???? However, with the economy so horrible, are there high paying financial jobs ANYWHERE? Do we just start over??? The sad thing about climbing corporate ladders? The long fall down.

3. Teen troubles. Anyone who has a strong willed 12 year old daughter understands that this SUCKS! I really need a Christian support group for teenage parents. Sadly the only class around is offered by families who's kids are still young enough that the parents are under the delusion they can avoid teenage attitudes by their sheer parenting perfection! Ah, I remember those days.... Reality bites.

4. At work, I'm surrounded by Christians who don't like God. Sounds weird, but it's true! They believe, but don't want anything to do with him. Now the big problem is that my life is CENTERED around him. This is really tearing me up from within. I don't want to ruin my witness by being too "preachy" (not actually preaching, just giving God the glory), however if I turn off my open reliance on him, at what point to I get sucked up into world? I am an opinionated Jesus freak... do I change to make the world more comfortable with me?????

5. Even though I only work 15 hours a week, it's enough to cause chaos in my house keeping routine and put a damper on my frugality. Plus my stupid oven broke. We've been eating conveniently which has added 5 pounds bringing me back into the 150's and making me console myself with Hershey's chocolate bars (I've ate 4 in the last 3 days).

6. I'm PMSing

7. Small towns piss me off (too long of a rant to even get into it)

8. We owe a ton of taxes, our savings is tied up in bank stock (that we bought at $23... now it's $3) and my kid needs braces. Lets add in a few car payments, our $800 a month health care insurance, and the possibility of Obama and we may just decide quit working and live off the state (I think we'd have far more $$$ that way). America has made it far more convenient to be a welfare slacker than to work your butt off (so you can pay for everyone elses food, health care, homes, etc).

9. My 6 year old son informed me a girl from his class was going to "hook him up" with her "hot" cousin. God help us.

10. My faith is being tested in every way. I feel so weak... like everything could be lost in a heartbeat. Like tightrope walking... with no safety net.