Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm angry.

I have a CLOSE friend who's husband's lung collapsed. He has been in the emergency room for nearly a week. I just found out today.

My pastor's wife (another close friend) has had her kids, and been in prayer over the situation.

I'm not mad because no one told me about this... I am not mad because this was kept a "secret" from the congregation. I am mad at WHY this was kept a secret.

The pastor suggested that only a "select" few should know about this, because if EVERYONE knew, they might be inclined to pray. What's the problem with prayer? According to my pastor, those who do not know how to pray in "faith" could cause this man to die. If someone perchance prayed for God's will instead of demanding healing, it could ruin this man's chances of recovery.

I couldn't help but argue with this reasoning as my pastor's wife told me this over the phone. "Isn't God's grace big enough to cover those of us that don't pray the exact right words? Isn't our God sovereign enough to heal with the humble prayers of a New Christian? Isn't it damaging to the body to claim that their prayers might be hurtful?"

I don't know about you, but I believe God welcomes ALL communication. God can use ALL prayers and work them together for GOOD!

I guess what I'm really angry about, is my knack for always ending up in really screwed up churches, with wacked theology.


Gayle said...

What a bunch of hooey! If I follow that logic than I should just stop praying all together. Ever! Huh?

javamamma said...

I won't try to calm you with "There's no perfect churches" but I'm with ya on your theology. I think God is pretty much big enough.

Francine said...

I am SHOCKED!!! Holy COW!!! I don't even know what to say... God never said we had to speak the perfect words he just said he wanted us to speak.. he is big enough to know exactley what we mean. Im sorry you were hurt but NEVER let anyone tell you that you don't know the words to say to talk to GOD... that is a bunch of patooooeyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
Claim God and his healing and HE will do the rest... PERIOD..

Emily said...

You and your freaky church choices. :)

Jen said...

Come to the Calvinist side. . .we have cookies! And punch! :-)

Yep. God is a great big huge SOVEREIGN God. If He "needed" our instructions for healing, I would pick a different God! What's the point of serving a God who needs our help?!?! He covets our prayers and communion with Him but we can't "make" Him heal. I know. I've tried. :-)

carrie said...

EEP!! *begin sarcasm* You mean, you didn't know that God could FALL OFF HIS THRONE if we don't pray correctly?????? *end sarcasm* God's a little bigger than we are and knows people's hearts pretty well and it's not what we say but rather what we mean. Want me to come beat them all up?

Anonymous said...

""those who do not know how to pray in "faith" could cause this man to die.""


This statement suggests that people are more powerful than God. This statement gives HUMANS the sovereign control over the universe. Umm. NO. It takes an EXTREMELY ARROGANT person to suggest that they have power over God's will. PRayer is just ONE OF MANY ways that God accomplishes His will. We are TOOLS, not Gods.

Tell you friends to read the book of Romans.

good lord.

If this is the theology behind the thinking of your church....I would run as fast as you can to a pasotoral group who teaches TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

DID i just leave a comment?

i don't see it.


be back to check on ya laterz;-)

reallyniceday said...

Not to change the subject, although it's really weird theology, I follow your blog but on my bloglines. :)

Becky said...

Not only is God's grace sufficient, but Jesus Himself prayed, "Thy will be done"! How can they argue with THAT?

It is hard to find a good church that doesn't stray from sound Biblical theology. Though I grew up Charismatic, my hubby and I have attended a traditional little Baptist church now for over 10 years and love it. Good, sound preaching that holds true to the Word, as well as good Sunday School teaching for the kiddos, where they become very familiar with the Bible.

Not wild about the mostly hymns music, but we supplement in our home. ;)

EEEEMommy said...

Whacked theology is right. This is what comes from too much emphasis on man and not enough emphasis on God.
Call me a rebel, but I'm praying right now for your friend's husband, your friend, your pastor, and you. May God's perfect will be done.

Halfmoon Girl said...

What???? That sounds really off. Either there is more to the story or their theology is wonky.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here, what a great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Yeah. What they said.

I started to come on here with my feathers all ruffled, but they all said it waaaay better than me anyway.

If this is the PASTOR of your church, though, I am in definite agreement that you need to bail and FAST.

Anonymous said...

How sad that this man is the shepherd of a flock. When you look at Jesus' example, which is by far the only one to look at. He prayed not my will but Your will to the Father. So where you going to church on Sunday?? ;p

Growin' with it! said...

i read this post after you first wrote it and went away surely baffled and not sure what to say. and i have come back to it a couple times still in shock. as a wife of a kid's pastor i want to say i'm sorry for other pastor's out there who are...well, let's just say i'm not going to go further on that one but to say we are all so very, very human. and i hope God gives you and your sweet family some CLEAR direction on what to do next!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Are there any Calvary Chapels near you? Not that there aren't other Bible based churches, but I am just speaking from my own personal experience. They preach verse by verse through the Word and don't add crap. I know there are a lot of the west coast of the U.S.

andysbethy said...

You sure seem to know how to find controversy! Perhaps it is time for you to seek a different portion of the body of Christ to worship with? WE are the church, so it doesn't matter which portion of it you worship with - WE are all Christ's church. However, it is important to find people who are seeking to follow Him, and His word, as accurately as possible, and it helps if they like the same style music, and have good programs for your youngins too!
Why is that so hard? Truly, I plan to ask God that someday... did He really have to make us all SO different, that we can never agree on ANYTHING!! (We are military, move all the time, and have to find a new "church" often - it gets old!)
Listen - He will guide. In the meantime... you know what to do - pray anyway!!

His Girl said...

wow. and wow.



Angela said...

Yikes. That's some pretty backward thinking. And that will be damaging to people to find out that their prayers aren't considered helpful. I am sure your pastor was operating out of good intention, but that seems very wacky. I wonder if you will be able to reconcile this and still attend this church.

EEEEMommy said...

I just read your comment and wanted to say two things:

1. Twilight is sitting on my kitchen counter. It was an impulse buy at the grocery store since I'd heard so much raving about it and a friend assured me that I would not hate it, and now I just need a two day block of time when I don't have any other commitments. I guess that makes me secular too? ;)

2. I agree that Mitford is a little boring compared to most of the stuff I read. Sometimes I go for boring though. You're not weird, just much more exciting than the rest of us. ;)

I pray you're doing well! I second Jane on the Calvary Chapel churches. Balanced not whacked theology.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I found you on Candy's blog (I am always looking for fellow conservatives!) :)

This just baffles me. Prayer is so powerful and every single person can do it--He knows the reason for our prayers even when we don't ;)

I am praying for your friend's husband and I hope he is OK :)

EE said...


Anonymous said...

You serious?!
My word! One cannot DEMAND God to heal someone. One can only ask that God be with that person and if it IS his will to heal him. Not demand. Goeie genade

Michelle said...

I can't think of anything to say that has not already been said.
But just wanted you to know that I am sorry that this happened!

Anonymous said...

That's like the woman who died of cancer and left 4 children behind. The pastor told them that they hadn't prayed hard enough. Want a lesson on faith?
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