Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Church in Mayberry

There is a thick layer of snow covering my driveway. My heater is chugging along, trying to keep my century old farm house above 60. The kids are off at school thanks to my husbands over priced 4 wheel drive truck (which I am currently grateful for). All the business that has kept me away from housework, projects, and blogging has suddenly ceased. I wouldn't dare take my little white chick car on the roads. I tried last year and ended up walking... 5 kids in tow... and a month of "I told you so's".

Another year of being trapped out in the middle of nowhere. However this year, I don't mind so much. I seem to have lost the ability to "slow down". So I am grateful for being stuck here "nowhere".

We have ended up at a little church by our kids school. The town feels like Mayberry. Quaint and pretty. Old Victorians and a general store. I could swear there is a time warp that has kept that place in the 50's. If you have read any of the Harmony books, you know my town.

It's hard to take a city girl and place her in a small town... it's even harder to place her in a small church where the music hasn't changed in 60 years, nor has the body.

It's a solid church. I think there are maybe 6 or 7 other families, a nice handful of kids, and dozens of elderly. The old ladies bake cookies every Sunday. Gossip is huge, but what else do you do in Mayberry? Anyway, they are SO happy we are there. A new family... UNDER 50. That's a big deal and BIG gossip. They think we are a model family. My husband has a good reputation in town. We dress well, behave well. Ugh, if only they could see my heart. I'm trying to step off that pedestal before I fall.

The pastor is great. His sermons range from brilliance to... weird. Last week he talked about the birth of Jesus, however, he was pretending to be Mary. In a thick accent he started talking about his privates hurting. Then as the labor progressed, he started moaning. I turned to my husband and said "if he starts pushing, I'm leaving". Luckily, he didn't go there.

Oh I hope it works. This church I mean. I don't think we could handle another huge upset. Not for along time. Seriously, if we find out they are sacrificing cats in the basement or something, were done. DONE! We are so fed up with church CRAP right now, I just pray that God has us somewhere safe. I truly feel our walk with the church is on it's final leg. I don't want to be another church casualty, where I say "Christian's killed my faith in church... but not God." Not that my faith should be in the church anyway.....

Moving on.


Anonymous said...

hey Karlie! I will remember you this Sunday! I'm hoping that everything works out too. Get to know them!!

javamamma said...

I wish you were closer to our Mayberry. Quaint, but our music was written in 2008!

Happy week before Christmas, friend!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I am still recovering from the part where the pastor was Mary in labour- didn't everyone think that was hilarious. I would have had to chew on my fist to keep from belly laughing! Our church isn't the most progressive in worship. They do it intentionally, to keep the focus on the Lord, not man- it took a bit, but I get that now and take comfort in the fact that we are taught from the Word, verse to verse, every week. Other churches here have more rocking worship, but lack the really solid foundation, so I will take mellower worship anyday. (not that you can't have both) Nice to hear from you. Take care

Andysbethy said...

I've missed hearing your words... I'm glad you're back. One Sunday at a time, I guess. Mayberry has it's positives...
On a side note, I'm very jealous that you have snow. It was over 80 degrees here today. It is almost depressing to bake Christmas cookies with the windows open, and your kids wearing shorts.

Becky said...

Do try and get to know them. There are a lot of benefits to being in a church where you're the youngest family...there are a lot of older folks to dote on and encourage your kids along in their faith...and they generally tend to have VERY solid Sunday School teaching.

I have learned a great deal (kind of those Titus 2 type relationships) from the older folks in my church...war vets, widows, prayer warriors...they're all there. You grow to appreciate them eventually. Same with the music. In a day when the 'blood' has become kind of taboo and considered not 'seeker friendly' in more contemporary congregations, many of those old hymns PREACH with their messages.

We supplement with a lot of contemporary praise at home, because I want my boys to be familiar with it all, but I'm glad they're getting the fundamentals in church, and that they're seeing a lot of old folks that have faithfully served the Lord for many, many years with joy. (That's not to say that there aren't still the occasional sourpuss or bitter types there, because those exist also, but on the whole...I know those folks pray for me when I let them know we have a need.)

Plus, it sometimes spawns the best inside jokes for our the time a while back where were over at an elderly couple's home for dinner, and they permitted our older son to eat and feed their dog string cheese. After about four sticks, she said, "Honey, you may want to ease up a bit, or you'll be stopped up like a cork!", LOL! Good memories, these. ;)

Francine said...

Oh Karlie my prayers are with you always... Take it one sunday at a time dear. Know you are not alone in this church struggle I just recently have experienced this type of pain and its no fun but we just have to try and remember our faith is in GOD not people. I try to remember that anyway! Have a great day and so glad to hear from you.
Love and hugs

Emily said...

I like small towns more and more as I age. (that makes me sound 45)

Oh and I seriously can't believe that I like Mitford. I also think that my soul needed saccharine sweetness right now. The election and Christmas has drained my brain.

EE said...

If you find out that they're sacrificing cats in the basement, I'm there. They don't do that at my church;)