Friday, October 17, 2008

Habits of a Sugar Addict

Have you ever watched yourself take on a new (not so great) habit, and just thought "I'll deal with that later"?

I used to never, NEVER eat anything with sugar before lunch. It made me feel sick, and hungry for the rest of the day. OK, I admit, there WAS the occasional splurge, but I felt so horrible afterwards, it would be months before I would do it again.

A few months ago I started putting sugary creamer in coffee. No big deal because I rarely drank coffee. Ummm but suddenly my coffee was tasting pretty darn good (with all that sugary goodness in it). Within a few weeks I was drinking a cup a day... then TWO! The scary thing was... I wasn't going through a ton of coffee, but those little bottles of flavored creamer, I'd have to restock several times a week!

Now keep in mind that I spend 3 mornings a week at a cafe' (yes that is changing soon). At first I was good... a small sugar free nonfat vanilla latte, but I've progressed. I have added Mocha's, sugary lattes, you name it. Add to that fresh baked caramel laced brownies, and sugary lemon scones and my sugar intake is well, OUT OF CONTROL!

I have denied my little problem because I have not been gaining weight. How is this possible? I've been skipping meals to compensate for my sugar calories. Bad bad bad.

So, I feel like crap now. Really. I have this constant low level headache, I'm tired, my skin looks terrible. It was time to do something about it. Last week I vowed to not eat sugar before noon. No creamer, no brownies, nothin'. I made until about 9:30am. Seriously, I'm so addicted to it, I can't say no! Scary.

Today I write this blog to confess my coffee creamer problem (amongst others).

My plan of action? Blog accountability and DETOX. Ugh. That word sends shivers down my spine. Having done it before, I imagine it's similar to what a crack addict experiences. The massive headaches, extreme moodiness, but I have it worse... I also get excessive FIBER intake.

Today is day one. It is only 8:35am. I'm already feeling it. The next few days are going to be BAD.


Anonymous said...

The coffee creamer trap. I remember clear back in the 80's when my moms friend gave up half and half in her coffee. (compare that to some of the junk creamers we have now) She needed to lose a few pounds (for her health) and that was one food that she could link to her obesity problem.
I have a friend that is doing prism for the 10th time. She called me to tell me about this cool ice cream she made with frozen banana' and yoplait lite yogurt. As I was listening I realized that she was not letting go of the sweet tooth. In fact she was living her whole day around inventing ways to feed it.
I wanted to tell her she needed to give up anything sweet. Even fruit if she needed to. But, I kept my mouth shut TIGHT. Who am I to offer advice to someone about food habits?!?!?!?

Love Elaine

Cindy Swanson said...

I do love creamer in my coffee! I'm sitting here trying to justify my own habit, because I do use sugar-free creamer and limit myself to two cups of coffee a day (otherwise there's no way I'd sleep at night. You'll understand what I mean years from now when you reach my advanced age. :))

I really enjoyed visiting your blog! Saw your link on "The Westie Crew," loved your blog's name so I had to check it out. Come visit mine when you get a chance!

carrie said...

It really is addicting...that's why they encourage you to feed your children/infants veggies for a long time before introducing fruits!!!!

Growin' With It said...

i am no help at all as i lift my cup of 1/4 coffee, 3/4 hazelnut creamer high in cheers for your efforts. you go girl. then tell me how to do it!! ;o)

Becky said...

Man, that reminds me of how my friend Julee and I used to sneak into the church kitchen on Sunday mornings and fill baggies with powdered coffee creamer, and then dip our fingers in it all during the church service for the creamy/malt/sweetness. Blech.

My mom read some health book about sugar addiction, and was on a good diet for a long time, and not only lost weight, but 'weaned' herself off of sodas and her severe chocolate addiction. I don't remember much about the diet except that part of it involved eating a small, whole, plain baked potato (she microwaved hers) every night before bed as a snack. Something about doing that really helped to curb her sweet tooth.

I'm curious...what does your detox involve?

Duckygirl said...

It's been a couple of are you doing?? I really enjoy coffee but only with the creamer so I'm not sure I'd be willing to give it up. Maybe someday but with my kids have so much energy I need the caffeine :)