Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sweet Worship

Today as I was planning out my menus, I heard my little guy (just turned 5) dragging his Daddy's big guitar across the floor and start strumming it. My first inclination was to go take from him and scold him for "getting into stuff he's not supposed to", but as I walked into the room, I could only stand and listen. He was doing his best to play that big ol' guitar and he was singing... I thought the words were so sweet, I grabbed my grocery list and wrote down the words to his song.

Jeeesuuussss .... lives
He lives in a manger
He lives in us

Jesus Cwist
He hadn't did a bad thing

He's really BIG

He helps lots of people
Even us

He is good
He likes da devil, but he don't like da things dat he do


Went in da people's tummy
Da Devil is rude

He loves us every day
He loves us more than you know

Oh, sweet worship. You better believe next I hear that big guitar thumping across the hardwood floors, I'll not go to stop him... but to listen to some of the most beautiful music a momma ever heard.


reallyniceday said...

What happened to us being that open to worship and unashamed to just...well worship. Just sing stuff. WHat a great little guy! God bless him with a heart of worship.

Anonymous said...

That is just too sweet! That is so cool you wrote it down. I love when they sing out like that. I am usually shocked at how rich, pure and innocent their songs are. I will have to snap out of it and grab a paper and crayon;) I am really enjoying your new blog and Beth Moore studies are life changing and eye opening for sure.

Rachelle said...

I love it. So honest and open and pure. Very impressive that you thought to write it down.

Cindy said...

So, so beautiful. Shows you are doing something right that he has all that knowledge in his little heart and it comes pouring forth! I just said a quick prayer that God would guard his heart and continue to draw your little guy to Him as he grows. So sweet, I'm going back to read it again now. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

So sweet- I love it when the little ones spontaneously worship.