Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Do You Feel The Love?

One thing I've learned since making this big shift in my life (public school vs homeschool) is that they all don't like each other much. Boy, I've gotten all sorts of opinions and advice (all unsolicited of course) from the folks in my town.
First, I got the homeschooling crowd who quite verbally states I've fallen into a state of sin. Yup, I'm damning those kids strait to hell. That I am mislead. Oh, and I can hear the the hushed whispers... "maybe she's getting divorced...NOPE, maybe she has to go back to work.... NOPE, maybe she's become a Satanist.. OK, I didn't really hear that one, but that's what it feels like. Could it be that maybe she heard God? Oh no, that would be too far fetched. Only wretched sinners put their kids in public school.
Oh, but even better are the comments from the Christian public schoolers. "Oh, I'm so glad you stopped doing that homeschool thing, it just isn't good for your kids." or "I'm so glad you've come around, those homeschoolers are weird." Hello! Up until 3 weeks ago I WAS one of those weird homeschoolers, and there is a decent chance I'll be one again.
So, here I am in the middle. Don't hate the homeschoolers, don't hate the public schoolers, but they all hate me. Oh well, I'm feeling the love from the big guy. Isn't that all that matters?


Gayle said...

You know, when you decided to put the kids back in P.S. I have to admit to feeling a dull thud in my stomach and I hope my silence hasn't felt like disaproval or condemnation. If there is one lesson that I've actually GOT and allowed God to drum into my head it's that everyones journey looks different. It's when we think that our lives are supposed to look alike that we start to fall into judgement and sin. SO......all that to say that I'm excited that you are hearing God and obeying Him cuz that's what it's all about.

Love ya,


ConservaChick said...

Well said. Honestly I think that my judgment and sin from thinking every one's life needs to look like mine is one of the MAJOR reasons God has me in PS for this season. I prayed for release from stongholds.. I prayed to experience amazing growth in the Lord... that he would use me, and look where I ended up! He can't use a judgmental heart, and wow... this journey is softening my heart, freeing me from fear, and teaching me about TRUE faith.
I've also learned a VERY valuable lesson... Homeschooling doesn't save our kids... GOD DOES!
I am very excited about where I am right now, and while disapproval or condemnation might momentarily sting, it doesn't stop the joy I have in being right where God wants me.

Chelle said...

Jeremy once said in a message to the church that "the church is the only army that kills it's own wounded." It stinks when those who are supposed to be your family respond in judgment. But God is shining through you, even on the internet. Your faith journey has been truly inspiring and uplifting to read, my friend.

Chelle said...

I just wanted to clarify my earlier comment...I wasn't referring to you when I said that thing about the church killing it's wounded. I meant that you are at a place of learning and change and it stinks when people judge you for that. I hope that was clear...or is now. :-)

ConservaChick said...

It didn't even occur to me that you might think I'm killing my wounded! Funny. Don't worry, I completely got what you meant. Oh, and thank you for the sweet words!

EEEEMommy said...

There definately is a war between homeschoolers & non-homeschoolers, and it's unfortunate! I try to stay out of it as much as I can, but sometimes people just want to fight. I'll be honest that the group that hurts the most are former homeschoolers who then become anti-homeschoolers. It's an extention of the things mentioned in the previous comments, there are people who think that since God is leading them to homeschool any longer then nobody else should really be homeschooling. Or if they see that there is greater fruit in their kids after the begin attending public school, they assume that the other kids can't really bear fruit unless they go to public school. Every family is different and God doesn't have the same plan for each one. While some homeschooling families become very legalistic, there are others who are not. Anyway, that aggravates me, and I appreciate that you haven't gone there with your posts.

ConservaChick said...


I guess your response was quite unexpected because I have NEVER met a former homeschooler who is against homeschooling. I put myself in the category of a homeschooler on pause, because "I" had/have problems with legalism and fear, and until those strongholds were broken, me and my children couldn't bear fruit. I can't fathom a point when I would not consider homeschooling as a Godly option.... one that could easily fit my family again.
In the meantime I am hurt by what public schoolers think of homeschoolers, but far more disappointed in a portion of the homeschooling community for lacking grace and understanding for those who are led in a different path. Why this double standard? I guess I expected more from the homeschooling community, considering they of all people know what ridicule of their Godly conviction feels like.

With that said, my blog is a happy place!!!! Not a place to debate the evils of public or home school, or put down certain groups of people, but a place where I can talk about what my AWESOME GOD is doing in my life!!!!

call*me*kate said...

I'm so sorry for the comments you are hearing. A few months back, I heard two of my closest homeschool moms discussing how they were putting their daughters into public school for various reasons and I have to admit I felt sad for them and their kids. But I never, ever spoke my feelings to them as I know they have their reasons for what they want or need to do for their kids. I don't think I could ever say to someone how they should teach their kids. It's their business! I still support you and your decision, as I believe this is between you and God and He is leading you in the way you and your family should go. May God give you the strength and patience to endure what you hear and the words to respond with.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I read all the comments with interest. I can so relate to- even though we have been homeschooling for the last few years, I think that it is arrogant of me to decide that this is what we are supposed to do for the rest of our children's schooling. We started homeschooling because I felt God PRESSING it on my heart. I still need to be open to putting them back in if HE so desires. Homeschooling does not keep our kids safe. I have been thinking a lot about it since reading Grace Based Parenting. Anyways, this topic really interests me as I can see both sides of the fence and lately I have been wondering about why we all don't spend more time encouraging each other and leave the direction and advice up to the Lord unless asked for! By the way, this was not directed at any of the previous commenters- just my thoughts about the issue in general.

ConservaChick said...