Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Little Things We Take For Granted

Sometimes we don't realize just how good we've got it.

This week was my son's 7th birthday, and to celebrate we brought in cookies to class and then took several boys to see Shrek 3 after school, then to a barbecue at our home.

I made peanut butter cookies and took them in yesterday afternoon. The response was shocking. The kids said "are these homemade? We NEVER get homemade cookies", then they proceeded to tell my son he was the luckiest kid in the world and had the BEST mom. I heard things like "if I had a mom, she'd make good cookies too". Or "my mom works all the time, but she made cookies this one time, but burned them."

OK guys, I was almost in tears by the time I left. These kids were won over by something as simple and easy as homemade cookies. If I wasn't at a public school, I could have easily preached to their open little hearts. I'm crying even now thinking about it.

That afternoon we took 7 boys to the party. We treated them to the movie, popcorn, an sodas. My husband took the day off work to help with this adventure! One little boy who does not have a father wanted nothing to do with the other boys, he wanted to hang out with my husband. He followed him around like a little puppy, hanging on his every word. This particular kid is tagged a "troubled" kid, yet with us, he was perfect, so eager to please.

God can use the little things to change lives. We often don't realize the little things we take for granted are BIG things to a child without. I'm not talking material things here, but random acts of kindness, or gifts of our time.

You get a harvest by planting a few seeds.


EE said...

Awwwww...My daughter says the same thing about homecooked meals;)

Emily said...

I love that God put you in these kids' lives. Esp. the little boy with no dad. It's at that age that these boys think men are the coolest!

the cookie thing wat pitiful. although, at my nephews public school you aren't 'allowed' to bring homemade....let alone PEANUT butter. (my sister is a phenom. cook so it really irked her that she couldn't make anything for her sons class)

Let's pray that was the reason that these boys had yet to experience the simple goodness of mom's fresh baked goodies. Let's just pray.

javamamma said...

I am a firm believer that kids such as these are the reason we (and maybe you?) are in the 'system'. How will they know unless someone is there to tell them? Not to mention, just praying for them. My kids each had a child or two from their classes on their prayer list. We're excited to see how they looked for God to move in their lives. Awesome post, my friend!

Rachelle said...

That is so heartbreaking. All of it. But what an opportunity to minister into their lives!

Cindy said...

You never know what a difference that afternoon made for that little guy. If I was a single mom (and had a son, neither of which is my case), I bet I'd be praying constantly for a man to invest in my son.

Our school system here also does not allow homemade things. I'm not sure if they think someone might slip in a razor blade or arsenic or if they've been exposed to poor cooking and food poisoning.

Like JavaMamma said, perhaps impacting kids like that is one reason God has called you into the public school system. I've got goosebumps!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I think that Javamamma makes a good point. We DO need some Christian kids and parents in the school system, not that there aren't a lot of nice non Christian families. It is different when we know Jesus and can take these concerns to Him and ask Him to show us how to minister to hearts.

Gayle said...

That is so exciting! Sometimes I get so cloistered in my own little world, that I don't see how other people are living their lives. I tend to think everyone is doing it just like me. It's when I get a chance to mingle that I realize, "Hmm, that discipline issue we are having isn't so bad," or "That husband of my mine isn't such a stinker after all is he?" I'm so glad that those kids are getting to see a solid family. What a great example you guys are!


Shari said...

Great post! Sounds like you have yourself a mission field!


kissesfromheaven said...

You are making a huge difference in these kids' lives even with a simple homemade cookie. You rock girl! A little love will go along way with these kids...even helping them to make right choices when they get older, because someone cared for them.
Oh, you want help with the garden??It would require a supply of lots and lots of coffee! That would be fun!
Blessings on your day. You make me smile huge!

Kimmie said...

Hi K-

Oh...can I come over and eat some of your yummy cookies? Peanutbutter is particularly yummy!

How wonderful that your husband could bless that little boy, I am sure it must have meant a lot to him. Perhaps God will give you more opportunities with this troubled little boy?

When you get a minute can you email me...wanted to share something I feel God spoke to my heart in regards to your dad. Something to think on...I am still praying for a miracle!

big hugs;