Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Good, The Bad, And The Down Right Nasty

What do drunk men dirty dancing, divorcees macking on my husband, brown nosing, and me in a really great dress all have in common? My husbands company party of course!

His work sends everyone in the bank to a weekend getaway at a resort. Basically it's a weekend where people are supposed to bond, they give out rewards etc, etc.

In reality, Most everyone is drunk by dinner, so it's time for slurry brown nosing, undercooked salmon, and a three hour speech about who had the best golf game.

Once they get to the dancing, the newly divorced women are on the prowl with dresses so low even I can't help but stare. As I walked off to get a glass of WATER, one of these "ladies" came up to MY husband. Com'on ladies, we all know what flirting looks like. In my head I'm thinking, oh lord, help me love her. Nope, didn't happen, no pity. no understanding, just visions of me kicking banker girl butt. Ah but at last, my husband is oblivious to such things (the flirting, not the low cut dresses), and got distracted by 20 year old man bumping and grinding with his 50 year old bosses wife!

Seriously, people shock me! God is teaching me to love, even when I don't feel like loving, but if this was a test, I failed.

We made a VERY early departure (this is our 2nd year at this event and we knew where it was going), and ultimately had a great weekend. No kids, fishing for the hubby, spa treatments for me. Ahh, mineral soaks and an hour Swedish Massage, followed by tanning. And I did get a great dress. It was a black wrap dress that totally hid the tummy evidence of 4 babies... love those kinds. I read an entire novel, ate carbs, and best of all, got hours alone with my darling!

Came back and loved on my babies, did some laundry and had some blog time. All in all it was a pretty great weekend.


call*me*kate said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend inspite of that stupid party. We are not into that kind of thing, either. I would love to have some time alone with my dh, we've had a tough year and need it. I still do most of my blogging on HSB but I started up a site here as well - dual blogging! Of course, I don't mind if you put me on your sidebar. I still don't know my way around here yet - my dh set up the account and I'm still learning what to click on! Have a great week!


Chelle said...

What is it about company parties? No matter what they say, they're all the same.

I'm glad you had a good time in spite of the dinner. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. We use to have to go to company parties like thta when we were first married. We usually left early too. :)

javamamma said...

The only 'company parties' I've been too are pastor's meetings - quite different from what you've described. :o)
Though I am jealous of the spa part of your weekend. And a time away from the 'norm' of life is always refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a party I'd like do avoid! you guys were smart to just go off and do your own thing. that's WAY more fun anyways. And don't worry, we all have 'those' thoughts like you did at the party. Some of us are just more likely to say them out loud. :)

and I read your previous post and I'm still mulling it. Nothing brilliant from me, as you're NOT me, so it really doesn't matter what I think. ya know? We all are responsible for our own family decisions. And I can't help but admit that it made me sad. But, all in all, it doesn't really matter what I think, right?

A friend is a friend even when we don't agree.

but I would draw the line if you start blogging about your love for Hillary Clinton. I'd have to jet over to your home and kick your butt. :)

ConservaChick said...

Don't be sad.... Honestly, I believe we a right where God wants us for THIS season. In the last three weeks I've seen more fruit in my kids than the last two years. Trust me, if I start to see negative patterns, I'll be back down on my knees, praying for release. In the mean time, putting the kids in school does NOT mean any of my moral views have changed. In fact, seeing the true despair of how the "other half" lives has strengthened them! So, you can rest assured, no votes for Hillary will be coming from this conservative household!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for you with the new adventure God is taking you on. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. We serve a great God. It is cool to watch you submit to your husband and to God. I am excited to see all that God will do.

Be blessed this week!


Halfmoon Girl said...

I like that you sometimes want to kick butt too. I am thankful that I have a God who keeps me in check- plus, I don't like to make a scene!