Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things I'm Into

As a little girl, I had a pretty blue box, a bit bigger than a shoe box that I would keep my treasures in. Some things would stay in there for a season, some forever. I put in my VERY favorite books, cassette tapes, articles, and of course, my dairy.

I don't have that blue box anymore ( I tossed it after I had kids... I didn't want any "mamma before she was mamma" incidents, but my desire to cling on to my favorites has not changed.

So what am I into right now? So glad you asked because I was going to share anyway ( ;

The new Johnny Lang CD, Turn Around. It is SO good. The guy is like 21, became a famous Blues artist at 16, and got saved! His CD is pretty much about his faith and it ROCKS!

When the Day of Evil Comes by Melanie Wells. This is easily my favorite Christian fiction novel. I literally couldn't stop reading it until it was finished, it was THAT suspenseful. I highly suggest you get yourself a copy, BUT don't start it until you can devote the rest of the day to finishing it. Her sequel Soul Hunter was every bit as good (maybe better), so you might as well pick than one up while you are at it. My only complaint; Mrs. Wells does not write fast enough! I can't WAIT for #3.

Created to be his Helpmeet Debbie Pearl. OK, I must admit, at first I HATED this book, but the more I read it the more I realized it was biblical truth, and as I applied it to my own marriage, I saw AMAZING results. This is NOT a feel good book. This is an in your face, tell it like it is battering of conviction. Like boot camp, it wasn't fun, but I learned so much in a very short time... and it DEFINITELY changed my marriage for the better. A MUST READ! Just calm down and pray about what you read before you send me nasty e-mails for suggesting it. ( ;

Nars has this blush, and it has a "naughty" name that I won't mention here, but the stuff is gorgeous! Pricey, yes, overindulgent yes... but it makes your skin look SO pretty. You can buy it at my favorite store in the world Sephora.

Quorn. It's a super protein, soy free, meat substitute. I'm not a big meat eater, and I DON'T do soy products (that stuff is dangerous in my opinion) so it's nice to have a healthy alternative. Especially one so tasty! This get my vote for the best health food product on the market!

So there you have it! These are my newest discoveries, worthy of my blue treasure box (that is decaying under tons of garbage in a landfill somewhere... but that's besides the point). So, be sure to check them out, and share yours too! You never know when I'll find a new favorite, it just might be one of yours!

I dedicate this post to my fellow bloggers who helped me finally figure out the link thingy!


javamamma said...

Good for you on the link thingy. I enjoyed reading about your favs. Maybe I'll be a copy cat - what a great idea for a post....

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hey Karlie! As I was reading I was noticing how you have totally figured out the linky thing. I have not read the books you mentioned and will keep an eye out for those!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That was a fun read!


The Charmed Life Online said...

I just want to say I totally agree with you on the Helpmeet book. Thanks for recommending it to others! And yes, you probably will get some nasty emails:) It can change marriages! I know the principals in that book completely turned my marriage around! I feel so blessed to have found that book!

call*me*kate said...

This is just for your information: According to Center For Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)'s newsletter "Nutrition Acion", (see
Quorn is made of a fungus that is a known allergen and can cause severe allergic reactions, particularly stomach upset. Sometimes people react when they first eat it, sometimes they develop a problem after eating it over time. Just wanted to let you know, in case you didn't already know this. I care about you! Don't worry, I'll still be your friend even if you continue to eat it!


ConservaChick said...

Kate.. Thanks for the tip! Luckily, I'm still alive so I must not be allergic to that particular fungus, yet. Mushrooms are fungus too... sounds gross though. I'll watch for the allergy. I used to be able to eat soy, then after awhile it started making me sick sick sick. So I DO believe food intolerance can develop over time. ~Karlie

PS. The worst thing about not having spell check, is that I really have no idea if I'm spelling ANYTHING correctly.