Monday, August 27, 2007

A much better excuse

Maybe I should have waited a week on that flaky blogger post, 'cause obviously I wasn't ready to quit being flaky! Actually. we've just been REALLY busy. The boys started soccer, and my hubby's coaching. We had a huge barbecue with my husbands bank that was NOT a potluck because he told everyone that I would provide the food. So, I've been making cobblers and salads for 30. Then we took a fantastic weekend trip (just the two of us).

We went white water rafting and had a blast! The highlights were the EXTREME fun I had on the level 3 rapids, the great scenery, and the water fights we had with the other rafts. The downside, I ALMOST fell out (like hanging on with one arm)... not that it would be the end of the world, but the river is REALLY cold, and it just wasn't that fun. The other downside; we had a mega bimbo on the boat. I kept praying she would fall out, but no such luck.

We stayed at a great resort right on the river. I cheated on my diet (I'm down 12 pounds now... or at least I was before this weekend) and ate homemade ravioli, peanut butter pie, and Pina Coladas. We also ran into some old friends.

Between the trip, the barbecue, soccer, getting ready to start homeschool and a goodbye party, I've been too busy to blog, or visit blogs or clean my house. With that said, I start school next week, and I am again behind in laundry, so if I do spend time blogging this week, it's because I'm procrastinating my chores, which probably means, I'll be on here a lot. Procrastination is one of my gifts ( ; ~Karlie


Dana said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog because we share some interests.

I think you might like my blog of women's health and fitness. Please check it out!

Hope to see you around the site soon!
- Dana

Mrs. Darling said...

We went rafting too this weekend. But we didnt get to stay in a fancy resort; rather we stayed in tents on lumpy ground!

Lucky you!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I want to live out there! I've never been rafting- it sounds amazing.

I hope you'll join me in skipping laundry and blogging instead!! :)

EEEEMommy said...

Wow! Great job losing 12 lbs. Most of us just gripe about how we NEED to lose weight, we don't actually do anything about it. ;)
I did promise myself the reward of a new pair of COOL jeans if I could get down to the next lower size, you'd think that would be good incentive, but it hasn't happened yet (and that piece of chocolate pie this afternoon is going to help at all!) :(

You'll have to post again what you finally decided about curriculum. When you're procrastinating from laundry, naturally. :)

javamamma said...

You lucky, busy, gal you! Your weekend with hubby sounds great. Glad to hear from ya again!

Trina said...

It sounds like you guys have had a LOT on your plate!! However, you managed to make it sound like tons of fun. Well all except the cooking for your husband's company of 30. That would have been a tad overwhelming, but Im sure it went over wonderfully!

We are starting up a little assembly down here. It is already growing and more families are moving in from other similiar churches to this area. We have been very blessed. We don't have church in our house, but since we couldn't get our regular building (we are only renting week by week right now) we decided to have it in our house. For now, we are waiting for it to grow and as we begin to get enough tithers we can either build a church or afford to buy. However all of these things take time, as you know.

Gayle said...

Your right, that was a better excuse. Pina Colada's always fall into the "Best Excuse Ever" category!

And I'm really jealous that you've lost 12 lbs. I'm fiendishly hoping your little binge cost ya! ;)

Emily said...

whoa, you guys are BUSY. :)

and the rafting trip sounded fun, (minus the bimbo) Where's the pictures?

ConservaChick said...

Gayle, I understand what you mean. My secret desire is that everyones weight loss efforts are foiled! If I can't be a size 4, no one else better be either! Oh, but sadly for you, I've been REALLY good today.. but I'm nowhere near a size 4, so don't be praying for my demise just yet! ~Karlie

Halfmoon Girl said...

12 lbs, that is fabulous! I have been a lot of talk with no results in my slim down challenge! I start boot camp tomorrow, so that should help. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun, laundry can wait!

call*me*kate said...

This should make you smile - I'm a size 6 but after several months of my dh working nights, I've developed a bad habit of snacking at, like, midnight (while I blog!)So now, my pants are uncomfortably snug and I've gained 3-5 lbs. But I'm not going to buy more pants (too cheap) I just have to work to get rid of that belly bulge and that's really hard to do, especially when one is over 40. I'm SO impressed that you've lost 12 lbs! You don't look like you needed to! Good work, though!


P.S. Sorry about that bimbo (we are ALL sorry about bimbos everywhere) - it would have made a great story if she'd gone overboard! Glad you had a great time with your dh!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya posting again hon. I was telling my hubby that I was worried about you. You hadn't posted in way too long! Glad to know you were just busy and having fun. :) I would love to go rafting. North GA has great places for that. We will be taking the kids camping in a few weeks. We are so looking forward to that!

Chelle said...

So glad the two of you had a good time! BBQ'ing for 30!!!! I would have killed him and then ordered from a deli..*snort*. You're a better woman than I am. LOL

EE said...

Glad your back...we missed you.
We need picts of the rafting...sounds like fun!