Friday, June 8, 2007

It's So Good To Be Home!

I feel like I've ran a marathon! House guest are a lot of work (trying to pretend like your'e a nice person for two weeks can really wear a girl out).
We had a great visit. I think it was so good for my husband to see this part of his family again. We had a mega family reunion at our home (husband's side). It was an interesting mix of characters. 1/2 the family are Seventh Day Adventists. I got a nice lecture an my consumption of dairy products and a warning that my children's sports were straight from the Devil.... fun. All and all, it was a good visit.
We spent a few days at the beach. Something very disturbing happened. Usually when we go to the beach we hike, play in the sand, swim, and then outlet shop. Now it is normal to cater to your guests (no big hikes with an 85 and 65 year old), but my husband and I crossed the line. We became content sitting around, eating and just watching the ocean, and after our 14th quilt store and 800th knick knack store something scary kicked in. Chris started to LIKE the cute little nutcrackers, and I just had to have a mouse figurine! I HATE knick knacks and clutter, what is wrong with me? I spent $20 on a mouse with a shopping cart! Is it because I'm 30? Is my age rearing it's ugly head? Or was it my senior friends and negative peer pressure? I may never know.......


Chelle said...

Lectures on our evil lifestyle are always fun, aren't they?? LOL

Your mouse figurine made me laugh out loud. Too funny. I can relate, but for me it's country music. Every summer we end up back in my hubby's home town. Total hickville. And every summer I find myself eventually tuning into a country music station. And every summer I wonder why. :-)

javamamma said...

Funny thing about the figurine. No way is it an age thing though. Maybe just a wise wife loving her husband. ;o) Glad to have you back! I'll be posting later about our trip.

Emily said...

Wow. You da man. err..woman. You rock to have all those guests at your home. Seriously. That's some MAJOR wifely bonus you should be getting. Bravo.

and the knick-knack thing? My stepmom has managed to stay away from them and she's in her 50's now. So, I plan to follow her lead on that. It's just to scary to go down that road.


please post a picture.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's funny- maybe you and your hubby are just broadening your horizons. I am not a knick knack person either, but one or two won't hurt!