Saturday, June 30, 2007

Diet Genius

About a week back I posted on my "diet" woes. I had unexpectedly packed on a few pounds and was desperate to "unpack" them. Well, just in case you were curious about my plan of action, I'll tell ya.

I did the most incredibly unique, nearly unthought of idea.... I decided to eat less! WOW What an amazing concept! Now don't get me wrong. My first thought was to start some carb free diet, or to join some group, but atlas, my laziness won out. I just didn't "feel" like talking to a bunch of other ladies down about their weight, nor did I feel like spending mega bucks at the grocery store buying low carb items, only to have them rot in the fridge while I fell off the carb wagon .

Now before you mimic my genius, you need to know the grand total weight loss for the week. 1.4 pounds That's not 14 pounds, that's ONE POINT FOUR (the point four being vital here). OK, so it hasn't been all that effective. Still, I didn't go up AND it was pretty painless (only one salad and NO rice cakes). Plus I ate chocolate cake, a bag of Parmesan Goldfish, and a tub of chocolate ice cream (I had a bad night). So, all in all, 1.4 pounds isn't THAT bad. Only 18.6 to go (that was eighteen point six, NOT one eighty six (+: )

And exercise. I just can't force myself to do it, but I have made conscience choices to have active fun. We went swimming 3 times, and evening walks twice. Oh, and I did turn on some Tim Mcgraw and boogie with the kids.

Tonight, I'm going to put the kids to bed, bring out the Mike's lemonade, and dance with my husband under the country sky.... that's gotta burn a few calories eh! ~Karlie


EE said...

You go girl!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great way to burn calories. Sometimes simplest is best- 1.4 in a week is good!

javamamma said...

Good for you, girl! Down is definitely better than up...or even steady. Sounds like a perfect 'diet' plan. Keep it up!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

They say ideal weight loss is two pounds a week or less, so you are IDEAL! :) I met a friend for lunch the other day who had clearly lost weight; I asked her what she did. "Imagine this- I ate THREE meals. That's it." No snacking or finishing her son's plate. A little walking. I think you are both onto something!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hey Girl!!!
I have some extra junk in my trunk lately too, and it's gotta go. I am doing the same thing that you are. Hopefully, this thime next year, we will be where we need to be. :D
So good to catch up with you again!

Chelle said...

Way to go, you! You're losing weight and having fun doing it...sounds like the ultimate weight loss program. :-)

Anonymous said...

I read your first post about dieting and all the comments. Thanks so much for that post! I liked the one comment about only eating half of what you would normally eat. I hate diets because diets are anti-social! I a youth pastors wife, I can not always pick what I will be eating. We are at tons of church functions and meals with other people. Diets don't work in my situation. This one is though. I can enjoy what everyone else is eating and not feel rude by saying "Sorry, I am on a diet I cannot eat the meal you spent your time to make for me." (Which by the way I could never say to anyone, and so I have never really dieted seriously.) I have lost a couple of pounds! I don't know that I always eat only half but I am eating less. And I am trying to get more exercise in which is pretty easy during the summer.

Thanks again for the post!