Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ego Girl Wishes you all a Happy New year... and other gossip!

I'm a few days late on my New Years post, but 2009 should be a year of may adventures for us!

The biggest change??? College. I'm going back. One of the best things about getting pregnant at 18, was that I didn't have a chance to rack up THOUSANDS of $$$ of college debt. Not having mega college loans to repay allowed me to stay home with my babies, home school (yes, I WAS qualified to teach them without a degree), and do all those other magnificent house-wifey things.

Now I look at my babies, all nearing birthdays that will make them 13, 11, 9, and 7. time is FLYING by. I've had to take a good look at what I want to do when they are gone, how will we help with THEIR college, etc. I looked at the fact they are still far to young for me to go into the work force and leave them to fend for themselves, but the time is coming... sigh.

I have been subbing occasionally at the kids school, and have fallen in love with teaching, especially the struggling kids. I've spent quite a bit of time helping the "special ed" kids. Who quite frankly are just kids with tough back grounds or different learning styles, who just need a bit of encouragement, and one on one time.

So, I looked at the possibility of a job in special education. Great benefits, summers and school holidays off. Hmm, sounded good. So I went to the college to find out about a loan. Ugh, the yucky debt part. Would you believe there is a shortage of special ed teachers, and the government will forgive 70% of your loan if you teach special ed for 5 years! Now THAT is an answer to prayer.

I start in March. All my classes fall within my kid's school hours, and I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, leaving three days to maintain my stay at home mommy status. In four years, I'll be 35. My youngest will be 11, and my oldest will be getting ready for college herself... GASP. Time is flying. FLYING I tell ya! Anyway, I may take a full time job as a teacher, but I'll still be home after school with my (it hurts to say it) teenagers, home for the summers, etc.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part... I have to take P.E. which means I am required to go to the gym 3xs a week to pass. Talk about motivation eh? Oh, and the membership is covered by financial aid. WOO HOO!

OK, so enough about the school thing (can you tell I'm insanely excited?).

My New Year's was awesome. My brother took us snowboarding. My hubby is a total natural... so are my boys. I however am not super skilled in that area. Still, It was crazy fun, and I'd do it again in a heart beat.

We ushered in the New year with several friends and a $90 bottle of French wine (that we DIDN'T buy). Spent the rest of the evening having WII battles (I am totally addicted to WII Fit).

On another note, we decided to become members of our little church. That is a huge step for us. Actually, I wanted to run a women's bible study, and was told that they would like us to be members first, so here we go. It seems so official! Really, if you knew how BIG this was for me and my husband (and our slight church phobia) you'd say "Good job on the commitment!"

Now for the bad and good news of 2009.

The bad news? Right after we decide we are finally ready for a commitment, our pastor says he's leaving. Going to Uganda to become a missionary. WHAT? I am totally happy for him, I really am. I can see God's hands all over this, but I did tell him that he'd better NOT be replaced by a fire and brimstone kinda guy... or a mega church man. "Cause I just committed to this church"! Grrr.

The good news?

My daughter came home angry the other day. When I asked her why, she replied, "because all the high school boys keep telling me how hot you are mom." Now I know... this is slightly disturbing on one level, but do you know how stinkin' good it feels? Hello ego! Seriously, I often feel like a fat old frumpy mom. This kinda thing will fuel my confidence for a year!!!! Gayle... I know you understand.

Did I confess that I am far too vain????

I have no grand resolutions to confess for 2009. No other big changes to report. So I'll end this post with...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh gosh, you make me smile, you hot mama! Your schooling sounds exciting. I have been thinking of doing something along the same line instead of going back to preschool teaching one day... we'll see- it makes me want to cry when big kids can't read because they have not been taught in their learning style or no time is made at home. How awesome is that- that you will still have time at home and get to go to the gym!! I'm excited for you Karlie, and am also glad you have found a church where you are growing and serving. Happy New Year right back at you!

Becky said...

I'm so happy for you on the big changes of 2009! Sounds exciting.

In difficult economic times when many schools are laying off teachers, there are still a number of schools in our area that are hiring special ed teachers, so that is a very wise choice. You will always have jobs available.

In California, if you teach in an 'inner city' school for a couple of years, you can get 100% of your student loans forgiven. I think it's called the Apple program if I'm not mistaken, and I think it's a federal program available in all states.

javamamma said...

Wow, all that is very exciting! Even the daughters-mad-the-boys-think-her-mom's-hot part. ;)

Andysbethy said...

I am so excited for you - all of that post was exciting (except perhaps the Uganda part, although that is exciting for him, and my sister is in Uganda, so I have a soft spot for that country anyway!) College will be a blast. My husband (finally) graduates in March - he has worked full time, and had kids, and gone to school. It is hard work, but it is totally do- able!
I LOVE the "hot momma" story. That is just a perfect way to start the year!

Anonymous said...

I just started university online!! Good for you, Karlie! That's so awesome! Rah, rah!! :-)

I'm so with you on the biggest loser post. I feel like you went into my head and said it all.

My past four months in summary - kids went to public school and that has been amazing. I'm working part time and in school (online) Life is GOOD!! There is no doubt in my mind that these were good choices.

Just wanted to stop by and say "hi".