Saturday, August 30, 2008

Workin' Girl

So here I sit on a Saturday morning thinking about the promises I made to share all about my new job, my dead cat, etc. Really, if I wanted to get my blog up to date I should talk about the economy and it's effect on my husband's job first... but I'm too tired to go there this morning so my slightly out of order story will start with my new job.

Nothing too exciting... I'm working at a local cafe directly across the street from my kids school 2 - 3 days a week. I only work during school hours (8:00ish to 1:00ish), and will still spend the majority of my time at home (or helping in the classroom).I get the cool title of Batista, but really I'm just serving coffee to old guys and hearing all the small town chatter.

Basically, we saw our income drop considerably, and we were having to make cuts. One of the things that was putting a strain on our shrinking budget were my children's activities (dance,gymnastcis, etc). We were down to a necessity only budget so the kids activities were going to have to go. That's when I heard about the job and decided to apply.

There you have it! I actually like working. I'm pretty social so this is a good outlet for me. It's not demanding, time consuming, or difficult so it keeps me open to focus on my priorities... my family. And the best perk? Free espresso!

The down side? Well, I have to wear black so I'm looking pretty goth these days ( ; and avoiding all that small town GOSSIP!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Sounds like fun- a job that isn't too demanding and that you don't take home with you after AND you are close to your children. I know what you mean about less budget for extra activities. I had to phone up my ex this week and ask him to half our daughter's dance class fees- suprisingly, he agreed- praise God!

Becky said...

What a great job! Right across the school, during school hours, saving gas because you don't have to drive back and forth from home? I'd say that has the fingerprints of the Lord all over it! And maybe a chance to be a light to some of the customers, too, huh? Way cool! PTL!

carrie said...

Do you do the thick eyeliner with purple eyeshadow? How about the black lipstick and nail polish?

*giggle* jobs like that can give you some good spending cash though...sounds fun!

javamamma said...

Your small town cafe serves espresso!?!?! Lucky. I just get Farmers Bros. while I listen to the old gentleman from town chat about the weather.

Lainie Rae said...

Was it Samson that passed on?

Big Red Driver said...

Keeping your eye on the kids, coffee and extra money....all good.