Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Should I Post About?

I can't believe it's been nearly three weeks since I've posted... and I left with a recipe post at that! So much is going on in my life that I need hours to write it all down. I think the daunting task of getting my blog up to date part of what keeps me away.

So what should I post about?

The bad economy and it's effect on our family?

My dead cat?

Our week at fair?

My new job?

My father?

Our choice to stay put in the country?

How stupid I think this whole Obama media hyped election is?

HELP! Where should I start?


Halfmoon Girl said...

First of all, sorry about your cat. I would like to hear about your new job, and anything else you care to share. Boy, it seems that the media IS really hyped about Obama- even up here in Canada. Needless to say, I am praying that there is a surprise for him at the polls... Come on all you conservative Americans!!!

Becky said...

We blog moms know all about being busy, but that's the great thing about's like the conversations just pick up where they left off. Girl, just jump back in and write what is on your heart.

I hear ya on the economy thing, am sorry to hear about your cat, would love to hear about your week at the fair, your new job, your father and your choice to stay in the country...and I SOOOOO agree on the stupidity of this Obama hype.

It astounds me that in the name of "do what thou wilt", the left is willing to turn a blind eye to his pitly 143 days as a senator and his iffy background (not to mention his "We live in the greatest country in the world...we need change" rhetoric... over someone with a remarkable military career and with decades of experience to run our country.

A public school wouldn't let someone with Obama's lack of experience step up to head up a school why are folks in this nation willing to turn their heads to that and let him run our country?!

Okay, enough venting. But seriously...just jump right back in.

Emily said...

I want to know all about it ALL. (minus the 4H, as you just gave me the low-down...much thanks for that BTW)


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I vote for "My Father".

Then go for the rest of the list. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cat. Lost a pet less than two weeks ago. Know what you are going through

carrie said...

Can I just say "yes"? *giggle*

javamamma said...

I vote to hear about your new job and your decision to stay put in the country. If you're taking votes. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about your new job and the loss of your cat.