Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Poetry

I was cleaning out an old file cabinet this evening and came across a poem I wrote several years ago. I had thought I'd lost it...

My Soul

Safe in the arms of my Savior
Carried up onto the shore
My ship was all wicked and broken
And could sail on the ocean no more

Storms had stripped off all the finish
The structure now fragile and raw
Cracked by the weight of my burdens
Rusting in each exposed flaw

Wind ravaged my sails of direction
It's course for destruction now set
I threw in my map of salvation
I was lost in the seas of regret

Until one storm came viciously reeling
My ship had all it could take
Once it tore out the heart of my vessel
The rest of it started to break

"Good-bye" to my ship for it's sinking
As the waters rushed up through the floor
The waters were drowning my conscience
While holding shut every door

With my last single breath I cried out
As I never had done before
"Dear Lord, I need you! Please save me!
I can't do it alone anymore!"

The doors of my ship all flew open
As his light washed out all of the sea
I left that ship wicked and broken
And my Lord had carried me

Born again into this vessel
My Father has built it to last
To carry me over the ocean
And sail back again to Him fast

Still I sail over rough waters
But my ship is stronger than the sea
It was built by the strength of salvation
And my Savior is sailing with me



Halfmoon Girl said...

WOW- I loved that- beautiful word pictures! Growing up by the sea in a fishing family makes your poem very real to me.

Emily said...

Wow, loved it. And you know, I used to write poems while in school, and they never were anywhere near as good as that. Mine were a bit dark...haha.

Thanks for posting it and letting us see the 'soft' side of Karlie. :)

Becky said...

You got SKILLZ!

That was beautiful Karlie! You should consider doing a weekly poetry posting...or join up with one of those weekly blog sites that link up. Seriously, that gave me shivers it was so descriptive and well-written and true!