Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, I've wanted to write a post for quite some time. It's too bad that when I finally do, it has to be for this, but I am seeking your prayer for my sick family, especially my daughter Lilly.

Ever since we started school (just a coincidence?) my family has been CONSTANTLY ill. First we had the flu, then the stomach flu, then strange fevers. Then colds with sinus infections, and just this last week, my son had the WORST case of diarrhea I've EVER seen, and my youngest son had infantigo! On top of that I got strep last week and spent most of the week in bed. Through all of this my 9 year old daughter has been sick the most. She has had blood tests (all normal), but every week, she seems to get sick... AGAIN. I'm really worried about her.

Also, she missed her first gymnastics meet of the season (because she was sick in the emergency room), and was so excited to compete this Sunday. Oh, but you guessed it, this morning she woke up sick. My heart breaks for her, and I'm worried.

Would you all please pray for my daughter? I ask for healing prayers for her, and that sickness is banished from my home! My prayers have been that she wakes up tomorrow perfectly healthy, and that God wraps all of my children in good health.

I also ask for wisdom. Should I pull my daughter out of school for a time to recuperate and build up her immunity? Should I anoint my home with oil? I already disinfected my home, my daughter's classroom (yes her teacher thinks I'm a FREAK), etc. What other steps should I take?

I thank all of you friends for your prayers.


Nessa said...

I hope you all feel better soon.

javamamma said...

I'm praying. It might be a good idea to keep your kiddo home for a while and throw a bunch of algae down her!

His Girl said...

OF COURSE i will pray.

from experience, i think a short time home to build up strength is good, but a long time home will make her have to start with the immunity building all over again. hope you're all better very, very soon!

Becky said...

Good to hear you're still out there...just bummed for you to be dealing with so much sickness in your home. I'll definitely be praying for you all, especially Lilly.

There are LOTS of bugs going around right now. Seems like after the Holiday weeks and weekends, they really thrive due to traveling.

I know you mentioned before that some of your children were homeschooled for a while, is this Lilly's first year in a public school? I ask that because my husband is a teacher, and his first year in a new school is always like that, because there are usually new virus strains and things going around that he's not yet immune to.

If he stays IN the school, however, he usually ends up building up a really strong immunity to the ones that seem to keep cycling back through the school, and then is rarely sick in the following years.

Is your home overly warm? I know that if the kids are feeling icky, it's tempting to turn up the heat, but often this creates sort of an incubator for germs to be more readily passed around the entire family. Keeping the house on the cooler side and dressing the kids warmer or propping them up on the sofa with blankets keeps them warm but creates an environment not as 'friendly' for the germs to be passed so readily around in. And stress coughing into elbows instead of on little hands that touch everything.

I would make sure that any juices are 100% juice, cut out all sugars (and high fructose corn syrup as in Propel or Gatorade) unless you simply can't get liquids into your children any other way. Water or tea flavored with a lemon, lime or orange wedge is good for getting some vitamin C into them without too much acid on touchy tummys. I'd supplement with Vitamin C tablets morning and night for those with cold and mucus symptoms, and for your son with diarrhea, I'd get to the health food store and get him some children's acidophilus liquid to help restore the good bacteria in his intestines. They have some kid-friendly flavors now, and it basically tastes like liquid yogurt, but has lots of the good bacteria in it.

Also, if there is any mucus, really limit dairy products (yogurt being an exception because it has the beneficial 'good' bacteria to help fight off the bad in their systems, especially after the flu) for a while, as it seems to add to their congestion. (One of my Bible Proffesors in college went on many short term missions trips, and always advised everyone to eat yogurt morning and night for a couple of weeks before their trips, as it helped to counteract all the new germs...and he was never sick on his trips when others were who hadn't taken that step).

If the kids have bad nasal congestion, they have bottles of saline solution (no added meds) nasal spray or drops (but you should get each child their own bottle to avoid spreading any germs), and have them lay flat on their backs periodically throughout the day, and sort of 'hold' the drops in each nostril. It has the effect of helping to loosen up the mucus to breathe a little better.

We've just been the rounds in our house, these things were all fresh in my mind.

Hope that helps! I'll be praying!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

YUCK! It is just that nasty time of year. We've had junk here, too. Everyone in town has.

Do you have them take showers when they get home from school? I don't know if it REALLY does anything or not, but I sometimes will do that in the thoughts that it will get some germs off them and they won't be sleeping covered in school germs all day. :)

Praying right NOW that you're all better SOON!

Mrs. Darling said...

Tink used to get strep throat every single year and several times a year. Since homeschooling for two years she hasnt gotten it once. Peter has a cold now and I pulled him out of school for four days and hes missed 2 basketball games. He just coughs and coughs and gets so tired. This stuff going around is not funny stuff. I would definitely pull her out to get better.

BY the way, Tink hasnt gotten a cold or the flu since she been home. Schools are a germ pool!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am thinking along the same lines as His Girl's comment. I will pray as well- how exhausting for you all.

ConservaChick said...

Wow, I feel like I should have you bill my insurance or something. You gave me FAR more information than I have gotten from 4 visits to the Dr. this month.

Yes, this IS her first year (or first 8 weeks) of public school. Since she is otherwise quite healthy, the Dr.s think it's because she's transitioning into a new "germ pool". Actually, my boys have been sick 3-4 times too (nearly as much as her 5-6 times), Even I have been sick 3 different times this last 6 weeks.

We DO keep the house pretty warm, but today I opened all the windows and let the chilly fresh country air fill my home.

Tonight my husband and I laid our hands on our daughter and prayed good health over her!

I think I'll take your advice and kick up the vitamin and yogurt intake. Thanks ~K

Leanne said...


This is my unsolicited opinion:


There is nothing at all, and I mean nothing, to gain from putting your babies in public school, as you're already finding out, I think.

The sickness will leave for good and you'll be a lot happier and healthier!

I'm a little outspoken....sorry!

But seriously seek God as to what He wants you to do, and I'll be praying that He reveals His will to you, crystal clear, okay??

One other thing: I sure would love to read your blog every day, but the blogs that are a black background with white text KILL my eyes!!!! Really, I have to stay away from any blogs that are a black background! Too bad, because I really want to read your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you be persuaded to change your background color????? Too much to ask?? I bet nobody else has ever said anything about your background color bothering their eyes! That's because they aren't me!!!LOL!!!

I'll be praying for you!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Like Becky mentioned, I would put your daughter (and your whole family!) on some good pro-biotics. Lots of live cultures. And pull back on all sugars--including juices, unless they are fresh.

A spoonful of sugar lowers the immune system up to 30% for up to 4 hours.

So, NO SUGAR! And lots of healthy bacteria.