Tuesday, December 11, 2007


* (Another Conservachick disclaimer)*I know that many of you are not all that interested in Politics, but I encourage each and everyone of you not ignore this post, but actually read it, consider it, and GET INVOLVED! *

I didn't name myself Conservachick for nothin'! Most of my posts do not revolve around
politics (even though I love them so very much) but around my walk with God, my daily life with my family, and even some theological stuff. As we are nearing the 2008 election, I think it's important I live up to my name, and let you know why it's so important we support MIKE HUCKABEE!

When I first looked at our options for 2008 presidential election I was very discouraged. The Republican choices didn't support my beliefs, and Hillary and Obama would get my vote when hell freezes over! I looked at Mitt Romney (figured a Mormon might share my conservative views) only to discover his voting record was more Liberal than most LIBERALS!

Then I started to hear a buzz in Christian circles about an unknown... Mike Huckabee. He is UN APOLOGETICALLY a Christian. He believes just as I do on all the issues. Speaks with tact, and kindness, and is not run by the special interest groups. He was the Arkansas Governor for over 10 years and before that, a pastor! He was the youngest president ever of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention!

I thought.... this is too good to be true! I love this guy, but this "unknown" doesn't have a shot! Ah, but with GOD, all things are possible. Christians everywhere are starting to catch wind of this candidate who ACTUALLY supports their beliefs! Like wildfire his positive campaign and moral stance on issues are being noticed. People like me... and now hopefully YOU are sharing the news! We DON'T have to settle! WE CAN HAVE THE BEST!

Proof that God's hand is in this campaign? Last week, this unknown with only $475,000, shot up to 25% of the Republican vote. Today, CBS/NY Times poll as well as a CNN poll have us statistically tied him for first place in the nation with Rudy Giuliani! DID YOU HEAR THAT! Look at what GOD is doing!

So what should we do to get Mike Huckabee into office? GET THE WORD OUT! Just yesterday I asked a conservative friend who he was voting for, and he glumly said, Obama I guess. WHAT? What about Huckabee? He replied "who's Huckabee?" THIS is where WE come in. Tell everyone you know about this candidate who really supports our views!

I also encourage you all to donate. Let's encourage a man who is not taking money from special interest groups. Let him continue to answer to God, not the company or cause that throws the most money in his direction. TV ads cost $$$, traveling costs $$$. Shouldn't we as Christian's help support our brother's efforts to get in office, and create real and positive change in this nation? You can donate a just $1! If we all give a little, God can magnify it into a lot.

They also have the option to give $20.08 (for the 2008 election... cute). I thought, I'll skip the fast food this week and give to a GREAT cause instead. It's a win win! $20 bucks to a great cause, and 800 calories less on my butt!

Get a bumper sticker, a yard sign, or do what my kids did! They made homemade signs that said I heart Huckabee, and a few that said "vote for Huckabee or you are dumb" I made them put those up for later ( ;

Anyway, you get the picture, Huckabee is an AWESOME candidate. Hey, but don't take my word for it... see all the new links on my side bar? Click on any of them and you will get to his website. Read about him! Read how he stands on the issues! If God leads you, donate! Then come back and tell me you visited the site! Oh and here is a giveaway Conservachick style.... I'll even send one of you lucky commenter's a Huckabee for President bumper sticker! Yeah, maybe that's not the best giveaway incentive, but I think once you learn more about this guy, you'll think being a part of this cause, is reward enough!!!!




Duckygirl said...

And if you haven't seen it yet you should check out the commercial he did with Chuck Norris, it's on youtube and is hilarious (if you like the Chuck Norris jokes)! I don't think I've seen a better campaign commercial ever ;)


Anonymous said...

I like you was also VERY disc disouraged with the republicans, especially with the front runners. The ones I liked were too far behind, Sam Brownback (who dropped out) and Huckabee. Huckabee has my vote! I have to vote early for the primary because we'll be at Disneyworld on primary day here! You go girl!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep Huckabee is my choice too.

Halfmoon Girl said...

sounds good to me. I don't think I could vote though. I applaud you for getting the word out. Too many Christians are too passive when it comes to politics.

Melissa Stover said...

yes, he was our governor and we liked him (except for the exercise campaign he did and bmi testing for kids in school).

i think he's a good man and i'm praying for him.

reallyniceday said...

Huckabee in 2008!!!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I have just heard about this fellow this week, and I really liked what I heard...awesome news, because like you, I was sorely disappointed with the choices prior to this.

Kimmie said...

Yup, we have been following him for the past 1 1/2... we are so excited to see how well he is doing. My Knight and I have been spreading the Huckabee word ;-) May God's will be done.


mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

But who are you voting for??


ByHISgoodGrace said...

What a great post, thank you for doing this, it just takes one person to make a statement and you never know what can happen. So far, he has my vote, I'm finally encouraged about the election. I kept thinking that it was just going to be left to Hillary and that is just a horrible thought!

Jamie said...

Can I copy your post and put it up on mine? I will directly link it to yours as well, but I thought it would be easier than saying it all again.

Great choice!!

candi said...

I, too, LOVE politics!!! I was having trouble even considering a candidate until Huckabee came on my radar. He has my vote and my support!!
Hopefully I will win the free bumper sticker! Today I have a group that I meet with and we are doing a holiday gift exchange where we have to bring our "favorite things" ($10 and under) I was planning to bring a starbucks gift card and my Mike Huckabee bumper sticker! I will need a new one!

Stacey said...

Ohh Karlie,

I'm all in a tither right now--I was with Mitt and then like you I'm backing off that committment for now.

But I have reservations about Huckabee, things I hear but need to research for myself (I've yet to do that, so you've kicked me into gear). When I make my decision, I'll be posting as well. Apathy is dangerous.

I love that you did this, I LOVE that you're a conserva-chick, and I think you ought to add smart to that! Go Karlie Go Karlie......

ConservaChick said...

Wow Stacey, thanks for the words of encourgment!
I can't wait to hear what you find out! ~K

Unknown said...

Someone had a quiz link on their blog awhile back. You answered something like 20 questions about your political belief. It rated percentage wise how you matched up with each canididate. Huckabee was the one that was closest to my political views. Hilary and Obhama were way down on the list.

carrie said...

Right there with you!!!!!! I love Mike! Stop by my blog...I left you a present ;)

Emily said...

Good post. Not sure who's going to get the nomination, and I'm actually embarassed to say....

anyone but Hillary. Is that bad for a politics loving girl like me?

I just shudder at thinking of giving her the power over our country.

I was liking Huckabee, but Thompson too. Not sure about Guliani, but tell you the truth...I'd vote for him over Hillary, not for any other reason...but to see her lose.

Christin said...

Sweet! I'm so out of it. I haven't even heard of the guy.

Family O'Foxes said...

I have to say the first time I heard about Mike Huckabee was on someone's blog. So, the word is getting out there.
Blog away!


Kate said...

I visited his web sites and I'm adding a link to my blog. Thanks for keeping us informed!