Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things about me

I was tagged over at facebook, and I'm too lazy to write two different posts, so here are 25 Random Things about me (most you have already read during a previous tag)

1. Uh, I'm drawing a blank here. This may be harder than I thought.

2. I'm WAY too interested in Politics... it's just not healthy ( :

3. I almost always read non fiction, but have recently been reading "fluffy" novels. What's up with that????

4. I get excited by theology. I can't resist a good conversation about theology... or politics for that matter... or Thai food (see I'm well rounded).

5. I really, REALLY like to shop.

6. Right now I'm on a pilates kick. Sadly I'm also on a mozerella stick kick. Balance.

7. I'm not that worried about the economy because
1. I've got a great garden space in the back
2. I've got a really fat dog. Hey, don't knock it, they eat them in China.

8. OK, I'll admit it. I'm actually a "little" worried about the economy.

9. For the record, Obama is NOT the anti christ. Nancy Pelosi however..... : )

10. I 'm very sarcastic.

11. I'm actually pretty old fashioned. I like to bake my own bread, raise my own children, grow my own vegetables, order take out, buy new socks when I'm too lazy to find the matches... I'm a regualr pioneer woman!

12. I ADORE Hip Hop.

13. The best food on the planet is Indian or Thai. I'd choose Pad Thai or Matteer Paneer with Naan over meat and potatoes ANY DAY.

14. I don't like meat.

15. I do like cookies.

16. God and my family are the most important things to me.

17. Hiking and exploring is my favorite family hobby.

18. My heart's desire is to travel more. We are planning a trip to Greece, but it's 3 years out. Right now, even a weekend at the coast sounds nice.

19. I am not easily offended. It takes a lot to make me angry, but when I do get mad.... I am brilliant at getting even.

20. I pretty much like everyone. Although I'm not that fond of bikers, in there little tight shorts and funny helmets, riding at a leisurely 20 miles an hour in the center of my country roads... when I'm really late for an appointment.

21. The coolest professions: stay at home moms, farmers, authors, non corrupt pastors (there are a few), Sephoria sales girls, bankers, and Oreo cookie makers.

22. I'm going to learn to speak Spanish this summer! Mostly so I can understand what the Hispanic boys at the middleschool are saying about me. Maybe I'd rather NOT know.

23. I like exercise.

24. I'm very girly. Lip gloss, shoes, pink hearts, pretty dresses, jewelry.... cheap beer and toe nail biting.

25. Baseball makes me happy! I can't play worth a darn, and I think the guys on the church league team were secretly lobbying to get me removed, but I don't care. Once out of every hundred pitches, I hit the ball. It makes a little klank noise as the ball rolls a foot or two passed me and I run like crazy. My favorite team is the Royals, and they suck nearly as bad as I do, so it's all good!


Emily said...

well, cheap beer and toenail biting really aren't MY definition of girly...but to each his own. ;)

and I'm WAY too interested in politics too, do you ever listen to Mark Levin. He rocks my world.

javamamma said...

Fun stuff. Can I be your facebook friend?

Andysbethy said...

I have been tagged soooo many stinking times with this thing on Facebook, so I keep saying "I'm going to do it".... but I still haven't. Maybe you will finally inspire me? We'll see.
Yours was hilarious. I love the one about bikers down country roads... why do they always have to ride in the middle, with their funny little shorts?

Emily said...

So, how'd ya get to be K.C. Royals fan? I'm from Kansas. I had to ask :) Did you know, according to Ms. Pelosi, 500 MILLION people lose their jobs every month? Or was it every week? Either way, everyone is the U.S., plus a few unborn, are now jobless. Scary.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I could live off Panang Curry and Chili eggplant with Basil. Thai food is the best!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Love your sarcasm! Our children cut their first teeth on sarcasm. The only thing worse than Nancy Pelosi is, well, uh, actually nothing.

Socialism and Liberalism makes me physically ill. I'm not as girly as you, but I do think we would enjoy a cup of coffee and some deep theologically political conversations.

Your ultra-ultra-conservative blog-reader in California.