Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Near Escape From Bigotry

I've got stuff to tell you about my God walk...especially dealing with my children, raising my children, and more God breakthroughs, but not today. Today I want to write down a lesson I learned, so that I can come back to this blog, and remember a moment when my heart could see beyond the politics of a matter, and into the human side of the issue.

I'm big into border control. I don't buy into the idea that the Hispanics only take the jobs we Americans don't want. I have watched friends (contractors) loose jobs to the Hispanic population who works cheaper. I live in a agricultural town and I see the culture clash during picking season. The crime goes up, the doctors are too full during that season to see regular patients because the migrant workers are taking advantage of America's policy that no one is turned away from medical treatment based on their inability to pay, or their citizenship. It is no secret that our tax dollars pay for this. I watch as Mexican flags are erected in yards, often towering over the American ones.

I'm going to be painfully honest here. I've started to strongly dislike the Hispanic culture. I have started to build up prejudice. Yuck. I hate to even admit it. When I see a Mexican, my thoughts are often bitter.

Today I got another God lesson. I had a jewelry booth at our local Spring festival (not something I usually do, but I was filling in for someone.) Well, after several boring hours of type A me, sitting on my butt, I decided to talk with the other vendors. One vendor was a young man who made the most beautiful pieces of art. I talked to him about his family, and where he was from. I was truly impressed with this person. He was intelligent, articulate, and kind. As I was leaving I noticed a faint accent. When I asked where his accent came from he skirted the issue. I persisted and he shyly claimed to be Mexican. This young man's skin was fair, so I would have never guessed. I was shocked. Who knows how many awesome people I have never taken the time to get to know based on their tan skin and Hispanic features. How sad that this young man was so nervous to share his country of origin. For fear of persecution I'm sure.... from people like ....ME. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH.

I still beleive in border control, I know that new laws need to be passed, and things NEED to change for the good of "our" country. BUT, my first allegiance is to Christ. His love knows no borders, his people are from ALL cultures.

May politics no longer callus my heart, I pray that I start to see people, instead of problems. May my love be unconditional. AMEN


Chelle said...

To be perfectly, brutally someone who can relate to the young man's feelings, this was a difficult post for me to read. I was born and raised in Canada, and have never left North America (yet), but there are people who have a hard time getting past my Pakistani background (even though my family is one of the Christians over there and has been for generations!) But I really admire your honesty, transparency, and most of all your desire to have the heart of Christ.
~Blessings, Rachelle

ConservaChick said...

The downside of being so transparent with my thoughts is that I might hurt precious people like Rachelle. Please know that I have always loved other cultures. I guess the point of my post was to show how yucky circumstances, a difficult situation, and media (although not mentioned) has affected the soul of a person previously didn't bend towards bigotry. This post was a BIG wake up call for me. Wrong thoughts and behavior can sneak up on ya! It's kinda like weight gain. You don't know how fat youve gotten until you can't fit into your righteous pants anymore.

Chelle said...

Karlie ~ We're totally okay. Maybe I didn't emphasize enough that your heart really came through on this issue, and I think it's awesome that you were able to recognize what was happening! You're right that stuff (whatever it may be) can sneak up on us...and those are often the things that we don't pay attention too. I've been enjoying hearing about your walk and I'm looking forward to hearing more. :-)

javamamma said...

Hey, I came over here via Rachelle's blog, thinking it might be you. Welcome to the blogger-world. So far you have two great posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow, two awesome posts. For the longest time I felt like less of a christian because I wear jeans and don't homeschool. But my heart is on Him, which is all that matters. I completely understand your border control feelings too. My husband and I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Love your outlook on life. Transparency is RARE these days ~ I can still remember hearing the echo of silence when I admit to things truthfully as you have here. You know, my hubby had an Iraqi boss for a while. For you, it might be hispanics, but for me it was Muslims ~ it sometimes still rears its head in my heart. But you know, this man was stripped of everything he ever had because of Hussein. The Lord gently but firmly reminded me that this man was a man created by the same Breath as created me. He is just blinded and deceived to the Truth and needs Jesus just as much as I did before accepting Him in my heart. Shame on me!!
I know the struggle you speak of here, though.
Keep typing!